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8 years ago#461

I am probably very far behind when it comes to this topic, as I only read to aout page 14 before jumping to the end.

I created a bruteforce pid-iv creator that uses prng, while I managed to get my prng to run both forwards and backwards (something I spent most of the night on), I don't really see how to make complete use of that. As such you can get the seed for say one of the iv's but for the other you have to change it.

At any rate I saw your iv and status block stuff here earlier, I did it this way:

hp = r1 & 0x1F;
atk = (r1 >> 0x5) & 0x1F;
def = (r1 >> 0xA) & 0x1F;
spe = r2 & 0x1F;
spa = (r2 >> 0x5) & 0x1F;
spd = (r2 >> 0xA) & 0x1F;

Which in the end turns out the same way as yours but better soothes my KIS obession.

I came up with the following and thought I was a real genius till I found I was only partly right

if((HID^LID^TID^SID) == 0) shiny = true;

When in this case it is actually < 8 and I am not sure if they need to be seperated in some special way (being xor I would think not, but I have been wrong before).

I really didn't think many other people we're working on this, but I was surprised to see so much documentation already, I am really far behind, good luck you two (Sabresite and tsanth).

The only reason I did any of this is so I could clone my eevee from Pokemon Dungeon Adventure: Red Rescue Team into Pearl since Nintendo never allowed it into Pal Park (those pokemon seem to lack a speed stat).

8 years ago#462
Its not that I wanted a shiny eevee, its that I wanted a non-shiny eevee, dispite the chances of generating a PID that gives a shiny are astronomically low. Because my eevee was not shiny. ;)
8 years ago#463
Seems that not much has gone on during my time away. loadingNOW has a new version of pAC up which checks and verifies legendaries. Sabresite's pokemod is proceeding along. I've not had an opportunity to take a look at any new info regarding the Pt version.

According to SCV, I implemented the block shuffling incorrectly in the that I have available on my site; seems that my tests for shuffle values 0, 1, and 2 worked properly, and so I incorrectly assumed that the pattern held for all the other values.

I'll try to make time to update the shuffle algorithm... no promises, though.
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8 years ago#464
8 years ago#465
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8 years ago#466
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8 years ago#467
*applauds tsanth*
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8 years ago#468
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8 years ago#469
I know this isn't specifically what this thread is for, but this seems to be the most intelligent and creative discussion about game coding issues, so if I'm out of line please either let me know or just flat out ignore the post...

I was idly wondering about the Pal Park balls...

can you hack a Pokemon so its capture ball is a Pal Park ball?

if you hacked Park balls into your bag and could use them (which I'm guessing is impossible), would they still act as Masterballs?

I don't have an AR or anything like that, and I happened to be pondering the mysteries of Pal Park...
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8 years ago#470
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