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8 years ago#481
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
8 years ago#482
Hey, tsanth, I have done some research regarding the generation of mystery gift pokemon.

Here is an article regarding the confirmation that they cannot be shiny:

For a bit of more technical data:

0x201BA10 -- Another RNG.
0x2068AAC -- Shiny Check for mystery gift pokemon

The seed for this RNG at 0x201BA10 is obtained from the half-words at 0x4000100 and 0x21D37B4.

Those two values are not related at all to the value of the seed for usual PRNG.

The value of the seed for the usual PRNG is used for the IVs as usual.
8 years ago#483
Wow, impressive! Many thanks for the tip; I'm glad to see that it's finally been confirmed.

At least this puts to rest the question as to whether shiny Darkrai are real or not.
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8 years ago#484
Interesting that they didn't use the chain shiny algorithm, except, as you say, backwards.

I guess close to that shiny check there are also nature and gender checks (e.g., PBR Pikachu), and the Mystery Gift data carries switches to enable / disable those checks. Or do Mystery Gift Pokemon with fixed attributes have fixed PVs that bypass that RNG?
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8 years ago#485
The part about not using something similar to the chain shiny algorithm was said because the person who said that mystery gift pokemon could not be shiny said that the algorithm used was similar to the chain shiny algorith, except that is was backwards. Of course she could not explain what that meant, just told me too look for that. I am glad I did not look for that.

Now, there is no nature, gender, check close to the shiny check. Ff it doesn't have a fixed PID then it doesn't have a fixed nature.

When the template pokemon's PID is 1 it will go into the section of code that I was studying. Create a PID, then check that it wouldn't make the pokemon shiny, etc.

Otherwise if the PID is not 1, then it will keep that as the PID and skip the PID calculation section.
8 years ago#486
Hi, tsanth, I had forgotten to look at the Manaphy generation.

When the egg is received from the green man the Normal DP or GBA algorithm is used for PID/IVs

Then at the time of hatching, the same shiny check as for the mystery gift pokemon is carried out. If the pokemon would have been shiny, it calls the RNG at 0x201BA10 and uses the PID that had been generated at the time of receiving the egg as the seed.
8 years ago#487
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8 years ago#488
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8 years ago#489
Something I've been thinking about the definition of legal in your chart :

Legal - Being able to naturally exist in the game, given the right circumstances. Infeasibility of the circumstance is irrelevant when determining Legality: if it ever could exist in the game, no matter how rare the circumstances, it is Legal.

I received a Heracross from the GTS that was captured at L50 at the Sinnoh Pokemon League. To top it off, the OT ID is 00000. The Pokemon League area has no tall grass, so wild encounters that aren't from surfing / fishing are pretty much impossible by normal means. If the stats / moveset of that Heracross pass muster, would you consider it legal?

I've been kicking around the idea of defining a subset of the current legal that also encompasses legit. The current legal set would be more accurately called battle (or competitive) legal, and the new subset game legal. Battle legal pretty much just cares about things Shoddy attempts to emulate: IV / nature / Hidden Power correlation and movesets. Game legal covers everything about the Pokemon - Pokeball, ribbons, encounter location, shininess, etc. A game legal Pokemon would pass any possible data checks for true legitimacy, making the difference between legit and game legal a social one. I think Nintendo would expect game legal Pokemon for their tournaments, though the extent of their checking may not cover everything.

Pokesav creates battle legal Pokemon, unless someone fixes the "data mangling". Given recent evidence, 4th gen event shinies are battle legal, unless Nintendo set the original event to give out shinies, as are encounters outside the normal game parameters (like the GTS Heracross above). I imagine breeding with battle legal Pokemon would result in game legal Pokemon. Cloning either legit or game legal Pokemon results in game legal Pokemon. Using hacked items (TMs, Rare Candies, etc.) on a legit Pokemon makes it game legal.

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8 years ago#490

I thought topics could only have 500 posts!
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