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9 years ago#71
Ah-ha, thank you for that. I must have glossed over that section while I was reading that part of the breeding guide. I guess that's one mystery fewer for me to check.
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9 years ago#72
I had a bit of free time today, so I looked at jangodarkglade's shiny pokemon code: 12068AC6 000046C0.

This code overwrites address 02068AC6 with a nop. What's interesting about this code is that it's procced twice every time a pokemon is displayed. It's the second invocation which determines whether or not the pokemon is shiny. What's further interesting about this code is that it gives the appearance of shininess, but looking at the pokemon data after the battle reveals that the pokemon is not "really" shiny--it just looks so.

And here I was, hoping that I'd gotten a lead into some secret shiny generation routine. At the least, this code suggests to me that shiny generation really is a 8192^(-1) shot in the dark, and that there's no magic routine which determines that x or y pokemon is going to be arbitrarily shiny, then forces a shiny generation routine separate from that used in the PokeRadar chaining.

All things in their time, I guess.

Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.
9 years ago#73
hey you remember this code? The Down B "glitch" code
9205E410 2EFED101
1205E410 0000E001
9205E46C 2EFED101
1205E46C 000046C0
D2000000 00000000

Well I tested it using pokeballs on random fully healed pokes on route 225.
Possible Variable: Using a level 100 Ninjask (No idea if this has any effect on it...)
Definite Variable: Pokemon capture rate.

Poke One: Skuntank
Ball One Result: Failure
Possibly due to user error, not timing the button combo correctly.

Ball Two Result: Failure
It busted out on the last shake so I had some hope there.
Skuntank killed itself.

Poke Two: Roselia
Ball One Result: Failure
I'm thinking it doesn't work on the real DS, but I'll try again with roselia (I'm typing this as I test it)

Ball Two Result: Caught.
I think I may have timed it right and the failures were my error not the code. Time for another test subject.

Poke Three: Raticate
Ball One Result: Caught
I was messing up on the timing, you have to hit down B right after it changes from the use item screen to the main battle screen, timing is tricky.

Lets do one or two more to verify the results.

Poke Four: Fearow
Ball One Result: Failure
Dang... I was one second late on the combo.

Ball Two Result: Caught
Yep, User error struck again on this Fearow, but I caught it on the second toss.
and I found that there is a point where it fades to black where you can press the button combo
I think it checks when it first says ____ used ___ball.

Poke Five: Skuntank
Time for my revenge, I have knowledge of what I'm doing this time... hehehe
Ball One Result: Failure
Shoot. holding too long kills you too...

Ball Two Result: Failure
Or maybe I just got lucky on the other pokes... who knows...

Ball Three Result: Failure
Aww **** it.
It killed itself.

Poke Six: Roselia.
I wonder if there's a set pattern that alters when you enter the route... <_< >_> <_<

Ball One Result: Failure
I'm sure this one wasn't human error, I timed it exactly the same as when I got the fearow.

Ball Two Result: Failure
Well I'm done testing, and I probably ran out of characters anyway.

Conclusion: I don't think the code works on a real DS with a real AR and Cart.
thanks for taking the time to read this and good night.
oh what the heck, I'll try again tomorrow. got nothing better to do. no work, GF is in NYC...
why not?
you can take my results, they may be human error or just luck where I did get them, who knows?
9 years ago#74
Thank you so much for testing that. I guess I'll have to invest in a real AR one of these days to do proper tests.

I guess it's time to not buy hot dogs for a couple weeks. ^^
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.
9 years ago#75
You know what, I just checked over that code against the two I'd posted previously. The down+B code is actually:

94000130 FF7D0000
9223C1F6 2EFFD100
1223C1F6 000046C0
D2000000 00000000

The one you've posted was the shiny PokeRadar code. You still have my thanks for doing the testing on a real AR+cart, even though it wasn't the right test for the code.

I still think I should pick up an AR one of these days, just to be sure.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.
9 years ago#76
Replaced my M3 with a Cyclo. Tested some codes on it and they seem to work fine.

I'm hoping this weekend gives me some time to dive into assembly.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.
8 years ago#77
8 years ago#78

You said on the first page that changing EV's in Pokesav results in an overflow error, which is fixed by reboxing the Pokemon, but that it doesn't reset a "counter". What is this counter and what other values (besides PID/IV/OT/SID) have one? Is it stored in the 136 bytes for that Pokemon or elsewhere? Does changing the location met do the same thing?

8 years ago#79
What I was seeing back then was the stat recalculation occurring on level-up. If you drastically change a pokemon's EVs then level him up, you may see HP adjusted -30 and Atk +23, supposing that you shifted all that pokemon's HP EVs into Atk.

I still need to re-test whether or not EVs themselves overflow if you max them out, say to 252-252-6. I'll post back when I run that test.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.
8 years ago#80

Oh okay, awesome. I thought you meant the game had a hidden counter to make sure you don't cheat and go from 0 ev's to 510.

Also, about Synchronize affecting the PV. I heard that synchronize doesn't actually brute force a new nature into the PID but rather it cycles the RNG ahead until it reaches a PID of the appropriate nature, not sure if that's true. If it does overwrite the original nature, then certain PID's would be impossible in earlier games where Synchronize didn't exist, wouldn't they?

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