Linoone's Pickup/Covet not working?

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9 years ago#1
My Lv. 41 Linoone hasn't received a single item with its pickup ability or its "covet" move. This is after me playing for about three hours a day so far. Is something wrong with it or should I just continue to be patient? Note: Its not already holding items and it has pokerus if that helps at all.
9 years ago#2
Three hours a day in a week I should say.
9 years ago#3
It's a 10% chance (i think ) after every battle... so I guess your luck is just bad.
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9 years ago#4
Also, pickup only works when you complete a battle not when you walk around/run from a battle?
9 years ago#5
You may just be unlucky with Pickup, though it's a bit surprising that you didn't pick up anything with that much playing. You just need it in your party when you battle, and you have to win the battle. Running doesn't work, though I'm not quite sure if capturing a wild Pokemon would work.

Are you sure it has the Pickup ability? The Zigzagoon / Linoone line has an additional ability this generation (Gluttony), and if you Pal Parked a Zigzagoon and evolved it, there's a chance the ability could change upon evolution.
9 years ago#6
Oh man. All that play time and I thought it was from walking around and not battling.

Thanks guys; I'm pretty sure I just need to battle more instead of doing the above. My Linoone definitely has pickup though, so that's not a problem.
9 years ago#7
Yeah, pick-up "picks-up" items after a battle. I've found that you don't actually have to use Linoone in a battle for pick-up to work, just as long as it's on your team.

When I go shiny hunting in 3rd gen games I like to use a whole team of Linoone (or at least four) that way I have a good chance of getting lots of great items while I'm hunting. ^_^

Covet/Theif steal the enemy Pokemon's hold-item. So if it isn't holding anything, you won't get anything.

Pick-up/Covet/Theif also won't work if your Pokemon is already holding an item.
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9 years ago#8
To use Covet, here is a clip from another topic:

Item hunting is fun. Here is what you do:
1) Put a Pokemon with Compound eyes in the lead and get him fainted. I used a Butterfree. Even fainted, he will double the chances of wild Pokemon holding items, coolness.

2) Put a Banette with Frisk in the second spot so that he comes out first past the fainted one. He will tell you what the wild Pokemon is holding. Just run from the battle if it is not anything good.

3) Use a Pokemon with Thief, Covet, or Trick to steal any items you want, don't bother catching unless you want the Pokemon itself.

Now, just find when and where and under what conditions the wild Pokemon you want to find occur. Refer to the Pokemon Location FAQ to find them. Happy hunting
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9 years ago#9
Or just Thief kill everything with Compund Eyes whatever instead of switching to Bannette just to find out if there's an item or not. Works well with Pickup abuse.
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9 years ago#10
Thief only has 10 PP normally, so you either have to go back and heal a lot or you have to use items to restore PP. I didn't like that option.

Also, when item hunting, running is faster than battling, killing, and distributing exp points. You will get through more wild pokes in a given time if you run away. It's all about numbers.
Any idiot can hack, many do.
I am playing 2 copies each of Diamond and Pearl.
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