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How to make my shellos egg hatch blue?

#1RoseNakedFleshPosted 10/6/2008 7:15:01 AM
I have tried multiple times on both sides of Mt. Coronet, as well as in the water on both sides, and on land, to make my egg hatch into a blue shellos. But every time I get a pink one. I have tried breeding only my blue Gastrodon with Ditto, my blue Gastrodon with my pink one, and my pink with a ditto, and every time it always comes up pink upon hatching. My Pink Gastro is female, my blue, male. Anyone have any advice on how to make my shellos egg hatch into a blue one?
#2Mirage312Posted 10/6/2008 7:25:17 AM
You only get a blue shellos if the mother was a blue Shellos/Gastrodon.
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#3RoseNakedFlesh(Topic Creator)Posted 10/6/2008 8:14:33 AM
I see, thanks, I guess then I will have to go get a female blue then(Sucks, as I was hoping to pass on Dig to the baby as I used the TM on it)
Any clue if Shellos can learn Dive as an egg move if one of the parents has the skill and was transferred from Emerald? Dive on one Gastro would perfectly compliment dig on the other.
#4AceSharphotPosted 10/6/2008 8:17:16 AM
The male blue knows dig right?
Just breed the male and female blues...You'll get the TM
#5MLBloomyPosted 10/6/2008 8:19:50 AM
Dig won't get passed, it isn't in Shellos's TM list. Dive isn't in the move lists for Shellos or Gastrodon in D/P, though they can be taught the move by a tutor in Platinum.
#6Darth MomPosted 10/6/2008 8:20:00 AM
Shellos can't learn the Dig TM. Only Gastrodon can. And neither can learn Dive.
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#7MLBloomyPosted 10/6/2008 8:22:07 AM
Also, if you have FR or LG, you can get as many Dig TMs as you like, since it can be bought in the Celadon Dept. Store.
#8AceSharphotPosted 10/6/2008 5:25:13 PM
Shellos can't learn dig??
*checks dex*
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