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6 years ago#1
I recently got into the breeding aspect, and although I read the sticky on EVs have a question about the nutrition items. Lets say I am breeding a pokemon for a specific nature and skill set. Now, due to the skills and nature, I will want to have a high stat in one spot (thus the nature I choose), but not be bad in any of them. Should I load up the max amount of Protein, Carbo, Iron, Calcium, Zinc, etc. at level 1 when the egg hatches? Should I only use certain ones? So if I want a very high attack stat, but need the pokemon to have strong defense, is there a best method to getting Attack to raise higher/faster?

Specifically, I'm trading my Aron and Rampardos over to Heart Gold. Then I will be breeding them to get an Aron with Head Smash and Rock Head as the ability. I will want to raise the Attack high, since it will be using Head Smash, Double-Edge, Aerial Ace (for Fighting that I'll be weak against), and eiher Iron Tail or Iron Head (thoughts/advice on that choice?). But since it already gets a strong Defense, I'll want to raise the Special Defense to help, especially against Water. So the Nature I chose is Careful, since I won't need Special Attack.

So, what is the best method to using the Protein/Carb/etc. items and leveling it up? I don't need to have it be 100% perfect for what I am doing, I'm not THAT dedicated, but I would like to hit the 80% or so mark. Is it fine to use the Experience Share to level it from 1 against level 50+ pokemon? If Speed isnt' important should I use the Macho Brace? Should I use the Power Bracer/etc.?

Just looking for a SIMPLE idea of what to do with my level 1 Aron. When to use Protein/etc., and which ones? (money is not a problem), which item(s) should it hold, does it make a huge difference on which pokemon I battle? I'm looking to get it to level 60 fairly quick so I can use it in a battle against my nephew, so any advice to make it simple and fast would be great.

Thanks for reading, and if you need more info, please ask.
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6 years ago#2
the answer to your question really depends on one of 2 things:

1) do you want an Aggron that could be used successfully in true competitive battles against quality opponents who have maximized the potential of their Pokemon


2) are you more of a casual ingame battler and/or casual person to person battler where you kind of care more about using cool Pokemon you like rather than the absolute strongest ones out there

if you're a #1, you'll want to learn how to breed for IVs and EV train and spend time testing your team and tweaking it...if so, you want to go here:'s a kind of one stop shop for all aspects of competitive battling, but of course you can still ask questions here and get help

if you're a #2, it's a little more complicated as I'm not sure what you want your Aggron to do...if you fed it a roughly equal number of each Vitamin, you're raising each final stat at lvl 100 by about 25 points above what it would have been if you had just Daycared or Rare Candied it to lvl 100...the Nature will affect that somewhat (2 or 3 points either way probably)...if you're okay w/ that, once you've fed it all the Vitamins, you can Exp Share/Day Care/Rare Candy your way to whatever level you want...

I do know you don't want to Exp Share train FIRST before the Vitamins because then if you train long enough, you won't be able to feed it ANY Vitamins at all...

but if you want to know what *I* think the best thing to do is take your lvl 1 Aron and:
1) Feed it 10 Attack Vitamins
2) feed it either 10 HP Vitamins OR 10 Speed Vitamins (depends on which you feel is more important)
3) equip the Power Bracer (Attack Power Item) and defeat any 16 of the Pokemon you find here:
4) If you fed it HP Vitamins, equip the Power Weight (HP Power Item) and defeat any 16 you see here: you fed it Speed Vitamins, equip the Power Anklet (Speed Power Item) and defeat any 16 Pokemon you find here:

then get it to lvl 60 any way you can put your little level 1 Aron first in your party, encounter any Pokemon on the lists above, switch out to a stronger Pokemon to defeat it, and the Aron still gets the ultimate stat boost effect as if it had defeated the Pokemon itself...

for the in-depth story of what's happening to your stats, you can go here, and while it's a FAQ for Emerald, just about everything applies to Pearl:

obviously if you have questions, post back
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6 years ago#3
oops I messed up...the fighting 16 Pokemon thing depends on you having the Pokerus Virus...if you don't have your Aron able to contract Pokerus, you'll need to fight at least 32 of each NOT 16...
Heard this exchange at my school: Teacher: "You got a 0 out of 50 on your quiz." Student: "Did that hurt my grade?"
6 years ago#4
I'm a #2, a casual gamer. Just battling against my nephews, nothing serious.

So, should I use all the stat items, just 2, just 3, or a specific number to maximize their effect? I will want to raise Attack for sure, and Health secondly. My third choice would be Special Defense since it is the weaker aspect of the pokemon. So if I only care about those 3, should I ignore Speed, Defense, and Special Attack, or should I use Carbos, etc. also?

I have the Power Bracer, so I'll use that, and battle the 32 pokemon of the right type. After those 32, will it matter what I battle, whether I still use the Power Bracer, or what level the pokemon I face are? I know the 32 to start with can be any level, but will it matter after that?

With Aggron's low speed, I do not expect to be able to raise it to a point that will make a difference. The attack is already fairly high, and the Defense is very high. I chose Careful as the nature so it would get the boost to Special Defense which is low, and lose out on Special Attack since I don't plan on using any skills based on it.

So, Power Bracer and 32 of specific pokemon, but which 'vitamins'? All or just certain ones?
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6 years ago#5
Ok, after rereading the sticky, each Pokemon maxes at 510 EV points, and each stat can max at 255. But since it works on units of 4, hitting 252 is the real max. So if I want to work on raising Attack, Health, and Special Defense, in that order, would it seem feasible to run 200 points for Attack, 200 for Health, and then 110 for Special Defense?

If so, give 10 Protein and the Power Bracer to Aron (level 1 since it just hatched) and then fight what? From the info I found, the only low level pokemon I see that offer Attack EVs would be Shinx, giving 1 each. The 10 Protein would give me 100 EVs already, so I'd only need another 100, correct? So if each Shinx gives 1 Attack EV and the Power Bracer gives 4, I would get 5 Attack EVs per Shinx, correct? Which would mean battling 20 Shinx to hit my 200 Attack EV mark..... correct on everything so far?

Next I would use 10 HP Ups and equip the Power Weight. Again, would only need another 100 points since only seeking 200 total, so with 1 point per Bidoof and 4 from the Power Weight, I'd need to battle 20 Bidoof to max the 200 I'm reaching for? At this point I should be a high enough level to handle the 5 Bidoof at Cowgirl Shelly south of Solacean Town, so just 4 battles against her would be enough. Everything correct so far?

Lastly, to boost my Special Defense, I'd use 10 Zinc, equip the Power Band and then fight 20 of what? This one has me struggling, as I don't know what level I may be, and most of the pokemon that offer SD EVs are either high level where I find them in Pearl or a distinct type advantage (water). Cleffa in Mt. Coronet seems most likely. But with 100 points from the Zinc, I'd only need to battle 2 to hit the 110 mark, so that shouldn't be a problem.

And if I understand correctly, I do not need to level up when battling the pokemon, just battle them and gain XP. So if I battle 5 pokemon and do not level up, but they were the correct type for EV gain I will still hit my EV goal by battling them. Do I need to be the only pokemon in the battle, or can I start with my Aron, then switch to a high level pokemon to finish the fight fast/easy?

Am I correct on everything so far?

If so, one last question...... do I run into trouble if I flee from pokemon? For instance, if I'm looking for Shinx and find other pokemon, I would want to run away so I don't get EV points I don't want. Does fleeing cause any problems?

If I hit my EV goals (or is it IV - whichever), when I level up, I'll see bigger numbers on those stats. So instead of seeing a +2 Attack, I would see a +3/4/5/etc.? Is there a way to figure out how much those stats would raise if I maxed the EV amounts I am working on? So if I hit 200 EV for Attack, can I figure out how many points I would get in Attack each level up?

I know this is a low, but I am new to the breeding aspect and trying to get it all straight. Thanks for your time.
Better to remain silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. - Abe Lincoln
6 years ago#6
ok so revised plan based on what you said about wishing some SpDef...

1) feed your lvl 1Aron: 10 Protein (Att), 10 Zinc (SpDef), and 10 HP Ups (HP)
2) fight 32 of the attack Pokemon I linked...
3) fight 16 of these Pokemon:
4) fight 16 of the HP Pokemon I linked...

this will get you the max benefit possible for your Attack stat, and spread the remaining wealth half on HP and half on SpDef...

after that just get it to lvl 60 any way you want...don't feed it any other Vitamins...just do steps 1,2, 3, and 4, and then lvl it to 60...

just make sure you dont do ANY battling w/ it until AFTER you feed it the 3 sets of Vitamins and make sure you ONLY battle the Pokemon I linked before you begin leveling to 60...

My original directions about the order I had you do stuff was wrong because you have to do your Vitamins BEFORE you begin battling...I'm not sure why I did it out of order...just not paying careful enough attention I guess...

so to recap...give it the 30 Vitamins first, then do the battling (32 Att Pokemon from the Att link, 16 SpDef Pokemon from the SpDef link, and 16 HP Pokemon from the HP link)...for the correct 50% SpDef-50% HP benefit given this setup, choose Pokemon on those links that give only 1 Effort Point each rather than 2 or 3 (last column on the linked pages lists Effort Points of each Pokemon)...
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6 years ago#7
200 Att
200 HP
110 SpDef is fine

but like I just posted, you have to do Vitamins

if you only have the Power Bracer and NOT the other Power Items, you're gonna be in for a long haul...

1) 10 Protein + 10 Zinc + 10 HP Ups before you do ANY battling = 100 EVs in Att, SpDef, & HP
2) Equip the Power Bracer and fight 20 Att Pokemon (choose 1 Effort Point Att Pokemon) = 100 more EVs in Att
3) REMOVE the Power Bracer, fight 100 1 Effort Point HP Pokemon OR 50 2 Effort Point HP Pokemon OR 33 3 Effort Point HP Pokemon + 1 1 Effort Point HP Pokemon = 100 more EVs in HP
4) fight 10 1 Effort Point SpDef Pokemon OR 5 2 Effort Point SpDef Pokemon OR 3 3 Effort Point SpDef Pokemon + 1 1 Effort Point SpDef Pokemon = 10 more EVs in SpDef

and running from a battle gains you NO EVs, so definitely run if it's not the right kind...and remember you can switch your weak lvl 1 Aron out to something else to make the foe faint and the Aron gets EVs as if it had done ALL the work...

and you won't see the big +# level ups since the level of your Pokemon is so low...since the effect of EVs is level-dependent (ie the lower the level the more EVs it takes to see an actual stat point), low-level Pokemon don't those large gains...

just trust that if you follow the plan, you've gained EVs correctly and your stats will reflect the EVs accurately...

in fact ignore those +#s on level up as they mean NOTHING about your actual stats at lvl 60...
Heard this exchange at my school: Teacher: "You got a 0 out of 50 on your quiz." Student: "Did that hurt my grade?"
6 years ago#8
Thank you, I understand it now, and know what to do. Appreciate the time and effort of helping me figure this out. And although I do not have the other 2 Power items yet, I can get them with little trouble, so will give the 30 vitamins, then equip the Power Bracer and do the Attack pokemon, switch the Power Bracer for the Power Weight and do the HP pokemon, and then switch the Power Weight for the Power Band and do the few SD pokemon.

May take me a few days, but I'll post some stats when I reach level 60 (my goal for the battle with my nephew).

Good to know I can swap out the Aron for something stronger. Will make things much easier.
Better to remain silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. - Abe Lincoln
6 years ago#9
yup that will do it...and the Power Items make it SO much faster...well worth the effort to get them...

and happy to help...anytime
Heard this exchange at my school: Teacher: "You got a 0 out of 50 on your quiz." Student: "Did that hurt my grade?"
6 years ago#10
Ok..... another question now that I did more thinking. Once I finish using the Power Bracer/Weight/Band and the vitamins, and battle the appropriate pokemon, I'll have maxed out my EVs. At that point, will I need to battle any specific pokemon for stat gains, will things like the XP Share hurt/help, etc.? If I finished with the EV stuff can I just use the pokemon 'normally' and get the stats I was wanting because of the EV work I already did? Basically, once I battle the Shinx, Bidoof, and Cleffa I can then do anything I want to make use of that work?

I believe so, but just want to clarify before I mess up any work I do.
Better to remain silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. - Abe Lincoln
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