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new cloning method?

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3 years ago#1
I accidentally discovered this cloning method... im not sure if this may work to you; either way here is the method:

Step 1: go to the regular GTS and deposit the pokemon that you will clone (without take care of router lights/clock moves, just deposit that poke as you would normally do).Reset

Step 2:change de DNS to pokecheck one (actual one is

Step 3: go to the fake GTS. Before the main GTS menu appears, you will notice that the "checking GTS status..." took too much time... time later, a message will appear: "(insert pokemon name here) was not traded". Reset.

Step 4: Change the DNS to the regular one.

Step 5: Go to the GTS and withdraw the pokemon deposited on regular GTS.
Congratulation, you have cloned you pokemon!

Important: Ive notified to pokecheck about this cloning method without an answer, that means that you can clone there until pokecheck fix this glitch (if this can be fixed). Remember to be careful about cloning, because that tiny risk of losing you pokemon still exist.

I have tested this method and it worked all tries in a pearl game. If you have a question please post it here.
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3 years ago#2
Will it work on Platinum? Cause I have some legendaries on my Platinum that I'm hoping to clone by trying this method.
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3 years ago#3
i dont know... i think that it will work, but the best way to know that is that you try by your self (i have pearl game only)
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