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4 years ago#411
Mutant1988 posted...

Hell, one year of Xbox Live Gold (Roughly 600 SEK) is just below 1/4th of another console (PS3 Slim 360 GB HD, currently selling for 2200 SEK). Or you know, 3-4 games.

You could check Play if you want it a bit cheaper, currently 12 month of gold goes for 40.49 meaning about 360 SEK, not the best of offers, but it would cut some costs.
Poet Eliot had it all wrong....
4 years ago#412
Well, it's actually 449 SEK. I was in rant mode yesterday and didn't bother confirming that.

Still, that's still slightly less than 1/4th of a PS3. I just don't see the benefit of paying for Live right now.
Know that if you allow someone to take advantage of you, they might make it a habit.
4 years ago#413
^It doubles as a telephone in my family, so for me it has some more value.
Poet Eliot had it all wrong....
4 years ago#414
I love Armored Core 4's controls. It's much faster than the old AC games. I haven't picked up For Answer because it's expensive, but I don't like AC5. It's back to being slow.
"If less is more, just think how much more more will be!" - Dr. Frasier Crane
4 years ago#415
I got some money a while ago for taking care of the house and the pets while my mom and her boyfriend was away and I decided to spend all that money on:

Wacom Fun Pen and Touch
Hauppauge HD PVR Gaming Edition
Logitech HD Webcam C270
Gametech Yplayer

The first is a drawing tablet, which I hope to get back into drawing with. Always liked drawing but doing so with a mouse is frustrating and pen and paper even more so, since I have a habit of making errors and ruining the paper by erasing. So far, I'm liking it, but it will take some getting used to before I can draw something impressive. I can't quite place it the way I want to either, with my current PC setup. The USB cable it connects with it just a little bit too short, and it would be nice to have a tilted stand for it (Like one of those backlit drawing tables).

Second one is a Capture Card, which means that I once again can record gameplay. Got it set up and running now, can capture footage from my 360, PS2 (Presumably Xbox as well, as it uses the same cables) and PSP. So I'll probably be uploading a new video soon, as soon as I've decided what to record. If you guys have any suggestions (Based on my collection - If there's any game you would like me to showcase), I'd like to hear them.

It was a pain to set up though, as it didn't seem to work for no apparent reason. But upon discovering the disc that came with it (Well hidden in a small cardboard compartment in the box), I've removed all drivers (Downloaded them the first time), installed the drivers from the disc and installed the included and compatible capture program (All the ones I had installed fail to recognize the device) and finally, it worked.

But now that it's working, it's working pretty damn good. It has a video loop through so I can record and view the game on the TV at the same time without delay. For composite though, I have my old setup, with a small composite splitter box (3 in, 2 out).

Got the Webcam to be able to do a IRL review of the last item, the Yplayer, but sadly it seems like this was a poor investment. It's HD resolution, but the picture is rather bad. There's static lines (As in, always there, never moving) going down the screen, I don't know if the lens is busted or if it's supposed to be that way. Either way, it ruins all close up footage.

I was hoping to use it as a cheap alternative to a HD video camera, but it just doesn't cut it. So yeah, I don't recommend getting this thing.

Which means that a review of the Gametech Yplayer, which is a cheap portable console, will have to wait until I can afford a proper camera (Which may take a while). That, or I settle for a short review with rather poor picture and to compensate, I upload gameplay of EVERY single game on it (There's 100). Which I can do, as the device has A/V out (Composite, so it should work just as well as the PS2).

Hi there presea_lover, nice to see you've decided to join us. Welcome to our little community. ;P

Is Armored Core 5 still good though? You played anything else fun lately?
Know that if you allow someone to take advantage of you, they might make it a habit.
4 years ago#416
The multiplayer is pretty dead on AC5, from what I've been hearing. The single player really isn't anything to write home about.

Yeah, I forgot this board existed, lol.

I've been playing Halo Wars, and also plugging in my original Xbox after a long hiatus to play some of my favorite old Xbox games, like Unreal Championship 2: Liandri (still as amazing as I remember), the original Halo (still the best) and Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath.

I don't know how many times I've played Stranger's Wrath, but every time I play it I pretty much have to start a new file.
"If less is more, just think how much more more will be!" - Dr. Frasier Crane
4 years ago#417
Would be nice to see some of those obscure Simple 2000 games when you have time to capture them! :)

Is the Yplayer one of those systems with a bunch of built-in games? Be interesting to hear how you get on with it, especially in competition with the PSP :P Closest I've come to that was when a friend got an Atari-style joystick with a bunch of C64 games built-in - good to relive old memories, good to see stuff we'd never had a chance to play, and there was even some co-op stuff like Golden Axe & clones :)

AC5 MP is dead already? Oh dear! How simple is Halo Wars for a non-RTS person? I got it cos the online co-op appealed, but realise now that Coke will never go for it - he doesn't much like Halo or RTS and we have bigger stuff to get excited about :/ I played & enjoyed AvP Extinction or whatever it was, so hoping for a similar experience in terms of complexity.
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4 years ago#418
Oh, and see there is talk about Lost Planet 3? I've only seen a brief mention of it, got excited from things said that it might be more open-worldy like RF Guerrilla. Also, the mechs look way bigger.
tant d'echecs, tant de defaites
4 years ago#419
Halo Wars is pretty simple. You have a lot of the freedom in typical RTS titles taken away from you. For example, instead of placing buildings wherever you want, you build them in a specific hub formation and have limited slots to place buildings. The controls are good, though. They work very similarly to Tiberium Wars, which is still my favorite console RTS of all time (mainly for the controls and diverse factions). RB selects every unit on the screen, holding A lets you generate a circle to select smaller groups. Don't underestimate the power of infantry, they can crush people who rush with air vehicles, and most have grenades for buildings or heavier vehicles. Their tiny cost is really worth it.

Another thing to note about Halo Wars is units cost about half as much as upgrades for those units.

New Lost Planet? Let's hope it has a strong single player! Like with AC5, niche titles in America (and mech combat will always be a niche title, much as I love it) just can't live on Online-focused gameplay. I loved Lost Planet (the original), but didn't bother with the sequel because I heard it just wasn't much good without at least one other player.

I liked the old robot designs, but bigger robots sounds good, too.
"If less is more, just think how much more more will be!" - Dr. Frasier Crane
4 years ago#420
The dev was saying the larger mechs would have a tactical purpose for stuff like bosses - latch them in place with the mech, then get out and crawl over them to attack the weak spot. He said the first two were not his vision of what LP should be, too arcadey, and that LP3 would be based around some kind of hub - hence my hope for some more exploration and free roaming, although maybe that's a long stretch :P

Cheers for the info on Halo Wars - I remember from the demo that the building was more restricted, which is probably good for me as it means I have less options to worry about. I like the *idea* of RTS but in reality I can't cope with a fully-formed one, even less so with a console controller!
tant d'echecs, tant de defaites

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