How to add custom tracks to GTA: LCS. Both techniques, very detailed.

#21MonkeyGLuffyPosted 11/4/2005 11:25:34 AMmessage detail
The first method works for me :D thnx!
#22brutal_EPosted 11/4/2005 11:30:36 AMmessage detail
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#23PoLoMiNt2004Posted 11/4/2005 12:04:36 PMmessage detail
I'm having troubles with the first method, I put my mp3's into the convertor and save them into the custom tracks folder (which I had to make manually). I put .gta and the end of the filename, but when I try to activate custom sound tracks it still says 'unavailable'. Any help?
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#24MonkeyGLuffyPosted 11/4/2005 1:30:50 PMmessage detail
Make sure to remove the .toc part at the end of the filename and replace it with .gta
the folder you made must be in the savegame folder ofcourse
#25CHOBEYPosted 11/4/2005 2:04:37 PMmessage detail
I am having the same problem as the guy who posted before the guy who posted before me.
#26james2Posted 11/4/2005 2:07:54 PMmessage detail
why sticky it when the info is in one of the faq's?

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#28Sweet_Pimp(Topic Creator)Posted 11/4/2005 9:04:50 PMmessage detail
Polo and Chobey, try using the extension changer as that surely guarantees that the .toc file will be completely converted into the .gta file.

And not that I'm asking for this to be stickied, but some people might feel it a bit easier to come to the board and see at the top of the first page rather than going through a whole FAQ or so to look for something.

Having written plenty of FAQs for GameFAQs, I can understand.
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#29TimJabPosted 11/4/2005 9:13:47 PMmessage detail
I added this to my FAQ. It should be up soon in version 0.51.
#30Sweet_Pimp(Topic Creator)Posted 11/4/2005 10:05:39 PMmessage detail
Alright, that's cool.
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