How to add custom tracks to GTA: LCS. Both techniques, very detailed.

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you wouldn't have to go through all that trouble if you just had the actual music disc and not mp3s.
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I'm still having problems here. Whenever I try to drag and drop files in EAC, I get an error saying "at 00608676d -> Divide by ZERO" and the program just shuts down. I've tried different mp3s and still have the same problem.

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i cant even unzip the program.asks for a password.
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"You're highlighting them while they're in the "Now Playing" window? If so, just click on Copy to CD or device on the right side and they should already be there. If not, just manually choose it from there that you want to burn them. There are plenty of ways to add them to that list on the "Copy to CD or Device" screen."
What do you mean? I don't get it, I can't see any "Copy to CD or device" option or screen to begin with. Could you please provide a screenshot or something? Because I just got the game recently, being in the UK and all, and I still can't figure out how to get the music on the game. Method one doesn't work, so I'm trying my hardest to get 2 to work for me.
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I've tried the first method word for word and it doesn't work. Are you sure that the right name for the custom tracks folder to put the compressed .gta files in?
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By the way I have a UK version of this game? Will these techniques still work?
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Sorry about the triple post but I have figured out the solution for any of my fellow brits. Use the exact same method as described as method 1. The only difference is that the custom tracks folder needs to be named
ULES00151CUSTOMTRACKS that should now work
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Where can I get Nero???????????
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