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Notice from Rockstar about Lag on Go (Archived)Cthulhuforpres35/10/2010
portland (Archived)DDG250135/8/2010
Stunt Failed?? How do I successfully do a stunt? (Archived)SonofMetalGear44/25/2010
Trying to hijack the helicopter in the Before the Storm Mission. Is it worth it? (Archived)
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Finding hidden packages in odd places when playing the game the 2nd time around (Archived)SonofMetalGear44/24/2010
Steering the Vote- I need some help with this mission (Archived)SonofMetalGear34/5/2010
What are your favorite funny radio station callers in the game? (Archived)SonofMetalGear34/4/2010
Need help! Taking the Peace (Archived)Bandaka84/2/2010
Car salesman location? (Archived)
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After I finish all the story mission how much complete be? (Archived)harrykid123/16/2010
Which gangs hate you? (Archived)Stealthy_Dragon23/3/2010
major lagging on the PSP Go (Archived)exot86743/1/2010
Could someone post a save that has the Steering The Vote mission passed? (Archived)harrykid132/22/2010
best car? (Archived)codmwr42/22/2010
Car Salesmen (Archived)DonVito4572/22/2010
Five reasons this game makes people mad. (Archived)codmwr42/21/2010
Which one has the better map/vehicles/weapons (Archived)__Infernox__22/21/2010
To those who pass by this board every day (Archived)
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Can someone post a save game with at least 3 Mr. Whoopees in their garage??? (Archived)mrlambolover62/20/2010
How to Find a Mr. Whoopee??? (Archived)mrlambolover22/16/2010
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