Need action replay/ codebreaker codes!!

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8 years ago#1

can someone post codes for this game!!!

8 years ago#2
ASGJ b6a135e4

Money is 999990
0227CCBC 000F4236

99 of all parts
D5000000 63636363
C0000000 00000007
D6000000 0227CDDC
DC000000 00000000
D1000000 00000000

here this is all the code i could find x.x i wish the made a code to buy the suit you want into the shop (buy the crossbone XD)
8 years ago#3
what about health? i want infinite health for eveybody in my group
8 years ago#4
health!!!!!!!!!!! i want infinite health!!!!!!!!!!!
8 years ago#5
i think money and part is enough...if you get hit alot that mean you need to gain lvl =P or try to make best suit....still wish there where a code where we could buy any Ms from the game like the gba version
8 years ago#6
There is no inf health. In this game, you would have to make one for EVERY stage...
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8 years ago#7
what about max hp? i play until stage 19b part 2 and i stuck there because mu always die
8 years ago#8
the good code for this game is we can buy every suit of the game even the enemy Ms that we can't get :P
8 years ago#9
i wouldn't mind playing with that code =P

would be amusing using the Zeong head or the damaged Gundam(you CAN actually run into these things if you do free battles enough O_o;;;) early on(since i've never found it before reaching the endgame stages and... using it that late is a real nono.)
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8 years ago#10
cause i would buy those we dont get and also buy the kaempfer for the start of the game cause those suit are murder for zeon :P
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  3. Need action replay/ codebreaker codes!!

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