They really need to make a third suffering game

#1Dr_Killjoy21Posted 1/30/2008 12:26:22 PM

I love the suffering and the suffering ties that bind I would be so happy if they made a third one...anyone else agree?

#2gamefreak666Posted 1/31/2008 10:22:07 AM
Most definately.... man both the suffering boards for the Xbox are dead.... but yeah a third game would be awesome but ESRB might try to cancel it so... they'd have to be very careful about how they make it.. but the same amount of swearing, violence, gore, And story would be GREAT.
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#3Sinister187Posted 2/2/2008 7:07:56 PM
I would love to see another, 'Suffering' game, especially on the new consoles, it would look incredible.
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#4BlOoDyDeAtH360Posted 2/3/2008 12:14:27 AM
i messaged midway with this question and the guy replied that there are no plans to, but that he too agrees that they should be a 3rd suffering game for the 360/PS3
#5TheOneMavadoPosted 2/9/2008 4:11:51 PM
We can only hope that they're able to come up with enough twisted **** to make a sequel.

I wouldn't mind seeing another main character though, I can't really see how Torque's story could/should go any further.
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#6gamer71892Posted 2/14/2008 10:49:24 PM

I agree 100%.

The graphics would be insanely awesome on the 360.

These games are way underated.

#7SlaytanicPriestPosted 3/7/2008 5:11:28 PM
The graphics were already top notch in both games. I couldn't imagine them for the 360/PS3. I also agree that there should be another new character. Torque's story has been told. These games are amazing, and I don't see how they are so ignored.
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#8gamefreak666Posted 3/13/2008 9:32:43 AM
they are ignored because; 1) the amount of violence and swearing is horrendous( but i think it is good for the kind of game it is), 2) the parents don't want to expose this "crap" to their kids, though if you aren't at least 15 this shouldn't be played by you (got this on my 15th b-day), 3) people give the game a bad review because of the above reasons, and without having played it the people go "oh they gave it a 6.5 it must suck, i don't want to play a game that got that low of a score"
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#9no_one089Posted 3/28/2008 10:06:02 PM
I want a new one soooooo bad, the suffering games are honestly my favorites because the hillucinations and everything that scare the hell out of you:)
#10Pacers420Posted 4/27/2008 10:11:33 PM
I'd buy it day one if it ever gets made.
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