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General FAQ Topic Ver. 2 (Sticky)
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Shadow470011124/15 7:00AM
Devi's Vein in JigramuntKatanaSoul410/6 7:31PM
Need the Maps? Go here. (Archived)Kolari28/31 2:37AM
Questions about Devil Forging (possible spoilers, not sure) (Archived)BOMBAZOOKA18/1 8:23PM
[Spoiler] Awesome weapon against that one boss... (Archived)SlashBelmont17/20/2014
Good game. (Archived)InvincibleEagle27/2/2014
Stealing Notification and Weapon/Armor/Mineral/Item Crafting/Forging/Combine (Archived)cosmictrombones26/27/2014
Played again recently... (crazy/boss rush info) (Archived)Devhatesyou24/19/2014
ID storage? (Archived)Yamato_san33/10/2014
Trevor and the Tower of Evermore (Archived)Neofrodo19/13/2013
Any word on a "PS2 Classics" for PSN? (Archived)Muyfa12358/14/2013
I'm just gonna make a log for this...(random challenge) (Archived)
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where are all of trevors hp ups? im missing one. (Archived)Andronicus8717/11/2013
If this game was made in this gaming era... (spoilers?) (Archived)Aoichi44/26/2013
character names- goofy, cool or referential (Archived)loucifer8654/7/2013
Are they ever.... (Archived)HauntedBullets42/28/2013
I love this game. (Archived)hellvomit61/22/2013
Easiest Hip Press Lvl 2 (Archived)godly_lubu11/20/2013
Castlevania: Curse of Darkness (PS2) - Boss Rush with @CRAZY mode and Trevor (Archived)BSkullX311/26/2012
Assistance with what I think is the last boss (Spoilers) (Archived)ultradinosaur711/21/2012
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