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5 years ago#21
koivula posted...
Usually when the game has this much of shooting and they show only a hat.That kind of tricks always are left there for sequel purposes,Eidos bought the game copyrights and worked on the map on total overdose 2.But then they abandoned it.

that sucks no wonder i felt like something was missing when the game ended
5 years ago#22
Yeah..Thatīs the thing these days.Seems like every game dies in a year or so..Unless itīs a online game.I have been on the eidos web page and saw that there is a lot of question unanswered.I wonde why there is a moderators then.But itīs not just one game company.The non online game seem to be absolete after two years.Third person has put aside and first person online games are priority.Have been making a l
little video walkthrough,but it remains to be seen does it pass with the story and so on(copyright are odd sometimes.Itīs free commercial to the game so why some countries block them is beyond my logic).I like the Smash the stash.Got about 48 or 58x combo.Higher is possible but,itīs a maze..I donīt follow the walkthroughs.I find out myself.There is always something that break the combo.I know where all combo items are but stil.Itīs unbelieveble that I had problems with Get the trucks.Im not sure but it would seem that collecting early has an effect to the difficulty.-itīs easy game if yo use rewinds.But if not.I wish there would be other games on the pc like this.But only few work on Win7 64 bit professional,I think...Even this one required my friend to help.
5 years ago#23
So why did you buy this game? you like Mexico or something?
5 years ago#24
Firstly..It was cheap.So I took the risk.I could have been able to play this anyways sooner or later..When I got my 32 bit winxp built(Have a motherboard,processor,cd/dvd rom and a case for it).Besides I like older games(even way back to NES) and saw couple of videos before and thought that this could be fun shootīem up.Usually donīt like them,but the bullet time was something that draw me into this game.
5 years ago#25
have you ever played Max payne or Max payne 2? well Total Overdose reminded me of that game when i started to play you shouls give it a try both are for PC

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