All freeroam upgrade icons

#1koivulaPosted 1/16/2012 4:59:34 AM
I collected all the possible icons for stamina,health and weapon before the Before the mission Bad Son.I also collected a lot of global points.Which took time more than necessary.Only ones left were 1 of each on the wire above Bullring and one of the empty staples has one health icon.Which can be accessed during the mission:Kill The Bull.
And those that are achieved in the Point challenges.There is 2 hours of freeroam and collecting those upgrades.I know I could do it in hour without collecting global score.It was my my third time to collect them all,so the going is a bit uncertain.
Those videos are approx 5 to 8 min long.
But at least it gives good surrounding view,and all possible Before Bad son mission is gathered.If you top the Global score to 500.000.Then it would look like this:
63/100 Health Icons
64/100 Stamina Icons
57/100 Weapon Icons.