Good graphics, bad everything else

#1DreadfallPosted 3/9/2008 8:29:10 AM
Where do I begin? The voice acting and character animations are about as bad as Resident Evil 1 from 96. The game has a bad tendency to not make much sense as far as the physics go. In the early goings of the game you can fall down a small little area and not be damaged, but if you should fall from a ladder, that's slightly higher, and I mean very slightly, you die. So you have all these powers to defeat enemies and be able to teleport even, maximize your blasting power, and you are also on the side of evil, but should you fall off a ladder, shame on you. The graphics are very nicely done and the game has a very nice and clean looking environment but there are alot of bad parts as well. Getting stuck on a basket for 1, barrels, ETC. I would say, if there does manage to be a sequel it had better at least focus more on the realistic aspect of a shooter game. The name of this game should have been, SAVE, cause if you don't, something dumb like a ladder fall, will make you redo parts you already got bored of.
#2Dreadfall(Topic Creator)Posted 3/9/2008 8:35:32 AM
Also try gogamer dot com if you want to buy the game and play it. It's only 9.90 there, and believe me that's all it's worth.