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8 years ago#1

I am at the control panel for lasers in hallway that is reached after crossing a covered walkway and killing three monks, but cannot teleport past this control panel. (Walkthrough by Invisible Assasin says to do this). Also, I rolled my way down corridor to the double doors and as well tried to teleport from there without success. I press "Q" and hold down left side of mouse, but other than a white flash and a red circle that has on half of it written, in red the word ZONE, I do not move. Can anyone get back to me and help out this old guy? Thanks from Bassethound.

8 years ago#2
I recall having trouble figuring out how to do this as well. I am not in front of the game at the moment, but perhaps when I get home I can load that part and see if I can offer advice.
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8 years ago#3
Thank you Astro. I await your instructions.
8 years ago#4

I think I know the problem. The game has a broken conception of what "teleporting" is. In the game, you don't "teleport" as in relocating your body to another place, but as in move your astral form to another place for a short time, after which, yuo return to your unmoved body.

Basically, without the bull$hit, the "teleport" creates a "ghost" of you, and later uncreates it. While you're in control of the ghost, however, you'll need to press a button to disable the lasers or whatever.

8 years ago#5
Thank you XanderKage. I try and try but no success. I see exactly what you describe, that is a ghost of the player. I end up in standing in front of the keyboard which appears on my left then oother times the keyboard is on my right which is actual location. Probably disorientation on my part. Anyway, I shall keep trying as this thing is not going to beat me.
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