Best way to create new characters?

#1WolfeFuzzePosted 8/18/2009 2:42:09 AM
I've been reading through the stickies and such, and was just wanting to check that I'd got a few things right in my head...

If you create a character, then reincarnate it through tiers 1,3 and 5, you end up with a greater stat boost then you did from just creating it at tier 6 in the first place?

If so, that would mean that the best way to make a new character would be to start with a carrotman, go through the tiers with him, a thief for movement and jump, maybe a merchant for more cash generation, a healer if you want the option to self heal, and then finally the class you were originally wanting to make?
#2pokeeiyuuPosted 8/18/2009 7:51:56 AM
Within the same class, the native plus skills from raising a Tier 5 character to level 100 or raising a Tier 6 character to level 90 will be the same and maximized. For the plus skills, there are no benefits to reincarnating through previous tiers within a class.
The thought that serial reincarnation would give a greater statistic plus skill is founded on the false belief that plus skills are additive. They are not; they upgrade at specific level intervals, depending on class tier and how many plus skills are native to the class. As previously stated, they will hit their ceiling at level 100 for odd tiers and level 90 for even tiers, and will be maximized at those levels with Tiers 5 or 6 for the class.

The "best way" to start a new character would be to create a Tier 5 or 6 carrotman (depending on how much mana is available to spend and how easily mana and experience can be gained). Level it up to level 100 or 90 respectively, Then from there, reincarnate to the fifth or sixth tiers of the classes which can maximize the plus skills desired, increasing the character's level to at least 100 or 90, depending on the tier, prior to reincarnating to the next class. You can also collect weapon masteries and other skills such as spells during these reincarnations.
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Ok, thanks for clearing that up for me :-)