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User Info: kragle

8 years ago#1

It would seem to me that making a full playing single player conversion mod to this game would KICK ASS!!! not only would you be able to make it more open and outdoors... but ive thought a bit about this, the gameplay style of using objects from walls.

you could actully create a "FPS" silent hill using this engine... it would be soo cool!!! all you would need to do is have :

* the source game engine.

* a main project leader

a single player map creator

* realistic outdoor/indoor town/house - textures and errie bloody walls + on screen filtering noise/blur ect ect.

* a model maker/texture - for new weapons. (excluding the gun models)

* ripped sounds from the original silent hill games to modify

and alot of time on our hands ^_^

somthing like Condemned: Silent Origin could be the name.

would be an amazing project. one that would outstand most total conversion mods. and possibly free.

but its a long shot seeing as most people wouldnt bother even trying to make somthing like this anymore.

all you Quake 3 / WOLF ET / Counter Strike / Half-Life / Halo - modders out there. open your eyes to this oneeee. - your input on this would be very interesting.


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