Wow, this game is terrible.

#1Spark0Posted 6/25/2009 1:54:55 PM
Gamespot really hit on the head when they said that the most interesting thing they do is give you the choice to make the experience incredibly boring or clunky as hell.

But that's not the worst part,the worst part is how it ties in to the movie. If I had only played the game, I would think Reservoir Dogs was an action movie, and really the point is is that the characters (save for Mr. Pink) all think they are unbeatable action movie heroes and the story is how reality slowly kills them off one by one (except for Mr. Pink). There also wasn't much in the movie really fit for a video game, so they need to try and show the crime itself, which along with the heavily cut scenes, kills the pacing, making the six or so hours this game lasts feel much too long.
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