Am I the only one who actually likes the Gamecube d-pad here?

#1FuzzyJelloPosted 11/19/2010 8:33:50 PM
The consensus seems to be that this game is another victims of the Gamecube d-pad, but I've found it the one game redeeming it. Even on $7 Chinese controllers.

Guess it is just me.
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#2mothballsPosted 11/19/2010 9:09:54 PM
no, I think the cube controller rocks for this game.
#3Distant_RainbowPosted 11/23/2010 5:46:40 AM
No problem with the D-pad, but I have to admit that the button configuration felt all messed up, because of the different layout.
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#4mothballsPosted 11/25/2010 6:39:56 PM
oh yeah. forgot to mention I only use D-pad. works well.
#5Argh4430Posted 12/5/2010 1:43:48 PM
I prefer the analog pad for the "X" games, but I use the D-pad for the Battle & Chase game.
#6MathUPosted 12/10/2010 5:07:23 PM
When I haven't used the D-pad in a while, I feel like I really have to work at it for a bit before it feels comfortable. After that I can play just fine with it though. It's a quality pad, but it's just so small.
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#7KhalpzPosted 12/20/2010 11:52:24 AM
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