Damn Mega Man X6 has the best soundtrack

#1PlanetvideogamePosted 3/15/2012 6:13:24 AM
The music is so atmospheric and fitting for each stage

The opening stage has a real sad feel to it, like some city has just been destroyed

The stage select theme gives you a real sense of urgency and motivation

A Jungle Bluesish tune for Yanmark's stage

Some kicka$$ Metal for Heatnix' stage

A nice, relaxing song for Wolfang's stage that really sounds fit for a hero

A militaristic theme for Shark Player's stage that is also very catchy

Mijinon's theme sounds like The Final Countdown except 1000 time more epic

The theme for Gate's Lab is a pumped up, rocked out Metal remix of the second X-Hunter theme from X2

Sigma's 2nd theme is a kicka$$ Metal remix of his X1 and X2 themes that will have anyone rock out.
#2Turbo_TRexPosted 3/24/2012 9:04:46 PM
I personally like the music when fighting Dynamo; so upbeat and fun.
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