I'm getting my arse kicked!

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7 years ago#1
I can't beat one Maverick in Hard Mode!

I've been focusing on Optic Sunflower, since she (he?) is the only I can actually reach. But even if I make it there without using one retry chip (which is quite rare, I tend to mess up and die on the spikes at least once...>_>), that damn satellite laser fries the crap out of me every time. I always misjudge the stupid hitbox.

And even when I don't, I end up dashing into Optic Sunflower! Auuugh.

Why did they make a song on Airman? Optic Sunflower's waay harder.
7 years ago#2
If your playing with a keyboard then it's gonna be hard, try it with a gamepad if your not already, it's waaay easier even on Hard Mode.
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7 years ago#3
I don't have access to a gamepad, unfortunately. Guess I'll just need to master the keyboard. >_>
7 years ago#4
You know what? I've beat this stage in S rank. Buh, well, I have beat the game in hard mode, too. The Optic sunflower stage, without the spikes and jumping action is just a joke. You can do it, i believe. just train your "jumping sense". Oh, it's the best to use Axl in this stage, believe me. The very hard trouble in hard modde is just the gigabolt manowar stage. Damn, it's difficult.
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