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They Nerfed the Trucks.. didn't they? (Archived)ace_two_max112/15/2011
Is there no real sense of teamwork in the game? (Archived)silvergokuZ210/11/2011
If you spent a whole lot of money on this games online store... (Archived)BlackRose203310/3/2011
This game is really fun, but terrible to start out. (Archived)Dr4g0N8069/17/2011
Where do you find a list of the final stages of all missions? (Archived)BlackRose20319/6/2011
The problems with this game, as they stand right now. (Archived)DreadedZer048/20/2011
Done with this game. (Archived)Sh4rkb1t378/9/2011
A great game in theory... (Archived)
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I drive better in real life drunk, than I do sober in this game. (Archived)Sh4rkBit357/19/2011
Just wondering how people I play against have ultra long range weapons and skill (Archived)silvergokuZ97/12/2011
Do morons play this game? (Archived)mjnoir147/11/2011
Will come back to this game. (Archived)Damaged756/30/2011
Should be called "u mad?: The Game" (Archived)Zer0Tw0Brav056/29/2011
All Points QQ (Archived)MEOWWW123106/26/2011
What's a good recorder to use? (Archived)gambit2_026/26/2011
possible to transfer cash between crim alt and enforcer main? (Archived)steveoSEK46/23/2011
if i import my own music, can other people here it coming out of my car like (Archived)pres_madagascar66/20/2011
I enjoy this. It took a bit, though. (Archived)Aoshii_buddy76/19/2011
how do i go about arresting criminals as an enforcer? (Archived)steveoSEK36/18/2011
decided to buy one of the new cars on the store, it won't disappear ever right? (Archived)pres_madagascar56/18/2011
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