Patriots/LaLiLuLeLo Predictions

#11PhoenixNinePosted 5/19/2008 10:58:32 AM
One of them is obviously Johnny Sasaki.
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#12ChaddyP0oPosted 5/19/2008 11:04:35 AM
I personally think the Patriots are like computer programs. I think that they were hinting towards that in MGS2 when Cambell was messing up and you find out he was a computer program. Also, all of the patriots have been for what a 100 years? So that further leads me to think that. Also, i think Snake has a biological son with Eva and that has a part either at the end of the credits or sometime during the game.
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president kennedy was never assassinated but rather is a patriot and he set his assassination scene up.
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#14Darth_BradleyPosted 5/19/2008 11:08:32 AM
Snake couldn't have had a child with EVA because he's infertile.
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#15StripedTigerPosted 5/19/2008 11:09:24 AM
Here is my Patriot/Campbell-is-the-mystery-man theory.

The Patriots aren't human, they are ideals of The Philosophers carried out by Ocelot, Big Boss, and Roy Campbell, which was then enforced digitally by making The Patriots AIs, and allowed them to control The US through Arsenal Gear. What Liquid wants to do is to control this system. Since I believe Campbell is the Mystery Man, he wants Snake to stop and kill Liquid, so he can leave The Patriots intact.
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#16Solid F0XPosted 5/19/2008 11:29:45 AM
EVA and THE BOSS were both in the Philosophers (a fact stated at the end of MGS3). EVA was a philosopher and she also worked as a agent for the philosophers. THE BOSS was an instructor in the "Charm" school that EVA was sent to by the Philosophers therefore THE BOSS was in the higher echelons of the Philosophers.
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1. Now in the picture of the Patriots they have suits on from like the 21st century. You would think they would be wearing some early 1900's clothing since they are over 100 years old. Enless if they took that picture recently, but that doesn't make any sense because they don't look over 100.

2 . Anyone ever thought about the original Master Miller being one of the Patriots? I know they said he was dead but you really cant trust what anyone says anymore in the MGS world. Besides i think it would be a decent twist since it seems that most of the fans of the series have completely forgotten about him.

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This topic reminds me of this:

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Gah, this is why it's so frustrating that such a major plot point was revealed in a game that hardly anyone on these boards played.

*PO spoilers*

That image isn't of the Patriots. PO showed us that Ocelot was a founding member.
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bump to see posts. i hate it when that happens.