How do you kill Psycho Mantis

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8 years ago#1
Im stuck on this part in Act 5 can anyone help me out.
8 years ago#2
I'm stuck too, nothing I do works...
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8 years ago#3
I'm stuck too
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8 years ago#4
STEP 1. Would would make her not able to control your nanomachines...
STEP 2. Hmm those dolls are cute...
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8 years ago#5
1. It's Screaming Mantis
2. Next time put a spoiler
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8 years ago#6
k, first off, it's not psycho mantis, he was from MGS1. This is screaming mantis.


1 - Syringe yourself
2 - Syringe Meryl
3 - Kill/Aneathesize all the people
4 - Keep shooting Mantis
5 - Collect the dolls when they're dropped
6 - Use the Mantis doll (equip it under the weapon menu)
7 - Shake your controller
8 - Use stun grenades to kill the beauty.
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8 years ago#7

Shoot the dolls, until they fall from Screaming Mantis, and you can use them against her.

I'd shoot the Mantis doll first, will save you a lot of bother.
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8 years ago#8
How do you kill Psycho Mantis

First you need a copy of MGS1 or MGS:TTS...
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8 years ago#9
8 years ago#10
When the screen turns black and says "HIDEO" in the corner, unplug your controller from port 1 and plug it into port 1. This way Psycho Mantis won't be able to read your mind and you can hit him easier.
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