Couldn't the solid eye be created in real life?

#1BattlegunPosted 11/11/2008 7:24:21 PM
I mean just put a mini camera like an eye patch and you can do all the stuff like night vision.
#2c_yoderPosted 11/11/2008 7:29:36 PM
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#3oceandiverPosted 11/11/2008 7:32:11 PM
Wouldn' a real person's vision be screwed up from using the Solid Eye, since it would only cover one eye?
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#4yaaayPosted 11/11/2008 7:32:49 PM
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#5simple_wonder22Posted 11/11/2008 9:14:07 PM
the vision would only be screwed up if you had the camera deactivated. You could still see if it were turned on, it would just be enhanced a bit haha
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#6TomoEK9Posted 11/11/2008 9:42:00 PM
its not that it couldn't be done, its just that it would be hard to create it in such a compact way, it would be a little too big to be of any use.