So if this is really Solid Snake's last mission what other MGS character...

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Would you like to see a game centered around?

For me personally its Grey Fox, I wanted MGS:R to be Grey Fox so bad when the teaser information came out.

I'd like to see a Grey Fox game through the events of MGS1.

In the Grey Fox game, after you get captured, its SOLID SNAKE who comes to save you lol the opposite of MGS1 if you're bad with ketchup. (MG)
#2LordAiglePosted 5/27/2010 10:43:13 AM
I would love to see a game centered around the Boss. Seeing the formation of the Cobra Unit, having sneaking missions during the events of World War II, and the birth of Ocelot would be very awesome. Those events would probably just be the tip of the iceberg of her great story if it was further elaborated upon in a game of her own.
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Metal Gear Otacon lol...
but in all seriousness I wanted to see a Game that goes through the events of Grey Fox from MG1 to MGS1
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Johnny Sasaki!
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Metal Gear Liqiud: Big Boss Legacy

The Coming of Age starts at May
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Ocelot would be cool, but what would you do?

MGS3-Get owned.

MGS1 scheme
MGS2 Scheme

MGS4 pretend to be liquid?
Ocelot's game would have to play between the events of a lot of games where he does nothing.
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I want rising which is raiden should be good : )
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Definitely Johnny should have his own spin off. He would be the sorriest hero lol, I would love it.
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If Tingle from TLoZ series get's spin-offs, why can't Johnny get some?