Snake lost his eye in MGS 3 now he magically has them both???

#1BryanParksSuperPosted 4/6/2012 1:28:35 PM

This is stupid. Snake got shot in the eye in MGS 3 but now he is able to see in that eye. Does Kojima explain why he did this to Snake? He shouldn't have his right eye. 

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MGS3 = Naked Snake = Big Boss
MGS/MGS2/MGS4 = Solid Snake = Son of Big Boss
I'm pretty sure that Hideo confirmed that you don't argue MGS semantics with Onslaught. - Serazee -
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I am amazed.
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my brain just died
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my brain is about to
AC and MGS videos
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Joke topic.

Though, if not....

E2I_GOD posted...
my brain just died
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ChickenBot posted...
Joke topic.

Joke topics are weird. All that happens is either the person making it looks stupid and gets mocked or, if it's a serious topic, the person just gets 'trolled' by a bunch of people saying what he's said is so stupid that it must be a joke, which can lead to being quite insulted...
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This ain't no joke topic. Snake shouldn't have his eye and I don't care what you people say. 

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You don't care what we say? Then why make a thread in the first place?
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Okay you obviously don't pay attention to what you you've missed some of the most badass story writing in a game in the last 20yrs...Solid Snake is a clone of the 'Snake' from MGS3 when your playing MGS3 you're playing the reason Solid Snake exists because that guy is so M'Fing badass people wanted to clone him.

Like the young as Fu... Ocelot wasn't a complete give away either...