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Why this is the worst game in the series (Archived)
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What is the hardest act to be perfect in? (Archived)kazumax87m26/5/2014
rabbit progress.. (Archived)V3kobeV386/5/2014
Why were the Patriots shocked when Snake appeared in MGS2? (Archived)
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Would it have been cooler if it was Liquid's voice instead of Ocelot? (Archived)
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Did the Patriots have a point? (Archived)Guergy65/30/2014
I just realized it's the same year MGS4 happens (Archived)TheLeafChild45/25/2014
Question regarding trophies (Archived)S_S_D_D45/16/2014
Replaying This Game (Archived)Shiang25/14/2014
Chicken Emblem Save Data (Archived)LordZophar85/12/2014
Where to throw the smoke grenade (bike chase pt 3) (Archived)kujikiri85105/11/2014
MGO2 Server Revival (Archived)LynchyGod15/5/2014
Question on Boss Battle Lethal and non lethal (Archived)kazumazero54/30/2014
Emblem Requirements (Archived)matt_robbo34/24/2014
This game came out in 2008 (Archived)
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For the FIRST TIME EVER I have had MGS4 glitch on me! *spoilers* (Poll)XGP15A22614/22/2014
Just started a new game on Boss Extreme and I can't use OctoCamo. (Archived)BulletsOfLiquid34/19/2014
MGS4 GOTP cover does NOT have, "A Hideo Kojima Game". Why? (Archived)alexg198924/16/2014
any CQC tips? (Archived)MrRoam54/14/2014
Only the MGS series can make me willingly pay twice for a game I loathe... (Archived)
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