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Skull FAQ 1.1 *SPOILERS*

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8 years ago#1
I realize that many people are having trouble finding them, and figuring out what they do. This FAQ is meant for anyone who doesn't know how to get a certain skull, or has trouble getting it.

What is a skull?
A skull is an object (a skull, obviously) in Halo that will allow to turn on a bonus setting to make the game more interesting. There are 13 Skulls in the game. 9 Gold Skulls, which will increase the Skull multiplier in the Meta-Game so you can get more points (and also give you achievement points), and 4 Silver skulls, which just make things more fun (these have no achievement points). Note that when you find them, they will be a gold color, although you will know that if you don't get an achievement, it's a Silver Skull.

What is the Meta-Game?
The Meta-Game is the same as Campaign, but you are scored for everything you do. Things like headshots and grenade sticks will give you more points than just killing an enemy normally. You turn on gold skulls to make things harder, but you will get more points at the end of the mission.

How do I pick up a skull?
Simply hold the Right Bumper as if you were picking up a weapon.

Do I have to finish the level with the skull to get it?
No, you only have to pick it up. You can then save and exit the level you are one. If you got a Gold Skull, you'll be safe when you get the achievement for it. As for a Silver Skull, it's best to wait a bit to make sure the game registers it. There is a bit of controversy that the IWHBYD skull requires you to finish the level to get it, but I did not need to do that. You can finish the level if you wish, but I personally don't think you need to.

Do the skulls unlock anything?
Yes. Besides the features for Campaign, they also unlock the Hayabusa armor for Spartans in multiplayer.

Do I need to be on a certain difficulty to find them?
Yes. You must play on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary to find the skulls. They will not appear in Easy mode.

Can I start from the middle of the mission?
No, you must start from the beginning.

I started from the beginning, I'm on Normal, but the skull isn't there! What's wrong?
This has happened to many people. Some skulls seem to disappear sometimes, it seems to be random at this point. The only skulls that I have seen this happen to are Grunt's B-Day Party and Catch. Just revert to the last save and try again.

Can I get the skulls in Co-op?
Yes, and this is actually a good way to do it. For all of the people playing, everybody will get the skull even if only one person picks it up. They will also get the achievements for them.

Remember, the skulls' effects will NOT turn on the moment you get them, you must turn them on from the Campaign menu by pressing X.

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8 years ago#2
And now, the locations of the skulls and what they do, in the order they are found.

Blind Skull (Silver)
Description: Shoot from the hip.
Effect: Removes your HUD (Heads Up Display). You will not see your health, grenades, or the weapon you are carrying.
Level: Sierra 117
How to obtain: When you first encounter enemies, eliminate all of them so they won't get in your way. After they are all gone, when you reach the edge of the cliff, go to the right. There will be a small drop to a ledge and the skull will be at the end of it.

Iron Skull (Gold)
Description: Death carries a heavy price.
Effect: If you die, you will have to restart the mission.
Level: Sierra 117
How to obtain: When you reach a clearing there will be a cutscene. Take out the enemies and move to the right side of the area. There will be more enemies across the bridge; take care of them and proceed to cross the bridge. At the end of it, head to the right and jump up on the small structure and up to the ledge. Follow the ledge all the way down and the skull will be in the corner.

Black Eye Skull (Gold)
Description: Bash your way to better health.
Effect: Your shields will not recharge, and you must melee enemies to get them back up.
Level: Crow's Nest
How to obtain: As soon as you begin the level, turn around and go up the stairs. Go to the left and jump on the switch. Jump up to the ledge and onto the pipe. Follow the pipe all the way down to find the skull.

Grunt Birthday Party Skull (Silver)
Description: Light a match...
Effect: When you get a headshot on a Grunt, confetti will explode from their heads and you will hear small children shout "Yayy!" A reference to Viva Pinata.
Level: Crow's Nest
How to obtain: After dropping down a hole and getting another message from Cortana, continue along the path and be weary of the Drones that will attack when you reach the end of the tunnel. At the end, where you will drop down, look down. There is a ledge directly below. Walk slowly off the edge and try to land the ledge below you and you will find the skull.

Tough Luck Skull (Gold)
Description: Your foes always make every saving throw.
Effect: Enemies will be more proficient at diving away from grenades and other explosives.
Level: Tsavo Highway
How to obtain: After the first barrier you encounter, go through the tunnel. When you come out, there will be a small building to your left. Jump on it and then jump to the pipe. Follow the pipe and jump over the small fence. Just after the fence, look down to the left and there will be a small ledge and a long platform further down. Fall on the ledge and then the platform, follow the platform down and on the left there will be a ledge with the skull.

Catch Skull (Gold)
Description: Pull the pin. Count to three. Throw.
Effect: Enemies will have more grenades and will not hesitate to use them.
Level: The Storm
How to obtain: After you exit the building, take care of the Ghosts (because they will kill you) and try not to kill any of the Wraiths (although you can take out the gunner). There will be a silo that you need to get on top of to get the skull. You can try grenade jumping, I used a plasma grenade. You can also stand on each other's heads if you are doing co-op and do double jumps with a warthog for extra height.

Fog Skull (Gold)
Description: You'll miss those eyes in the back of your head.
Effect: Removes the radar.
Level: Floodgate
How to obtain: Just after starting the level and entering the city, look up and to the right. A flood form will walk out from one of the roofs. Shoot it and it will drop the skull.

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8 years ago#3
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8 years ago#4
Famine Skull (Gold)
Description: Trust us. Bring a magazine.
Effect: Dropped weapons will have less ammo.
Level: The Ark
How to obtain: When you reach the drop-off and have a path to the front and to the right, go right. After you pass under the structure, there will be some rocks you can jump onto. Jump up and go back to the structure you just passed and jump on it. Follow it all the way down and you should see the skull in the last beam. Either grenade jump or double jump with co-operatives to get it.

Cowbell Skull (Silver)
Description: More bang for your buck.
Effect: Explosions become more... explosive (the damage radius is increased).
Level: The Ark
How to obtain: After defeating the Scarab, go into the small building and get a Grav Lift. Continue through the level until you reach hallway that slopes down. You will see some platforms to the left. Place the Grav Lift on the slope and use it to reach the highest platform in the room and get the skull.

Thunderstorm Skull (Gold)
Description: Field Promotions for everyone!
Effect: Enemies will be stronger.
Level: The Covenant
How to obtain: When you are given the Hornet to pilot, fly up and look the right to find a structure that will have the skull in it. It's very easy to spot.

IWHBYD (I Would Have Been Your Daddy) Skull (Silver)
Description: But a dog beat me over the fence.
Effect: Extra dialogue will be said in the game. For example, when getting the tanks in The Ark, a marine will sing the Star Wars theme.
Level: The Covenant
How to obtain: After the cutscene where the Arbiter kills Truth, kill all of the Flood in the area. When all enemies are eliminated, you must jump through the rings in a certain order for the skull to spawn.
This is the order: 4 6 5 4 5 3 4
With 1 being the first ring as you enter the room, and 7 being the ring closest to Truth.
After jumping through the last ring, they will light up in order and you can get the skull on the bridge leading to truth.
NOTE: Although the sequence above has been claimed to work, I have not personally tested it. I can, however, guarantee that the following method will work: 1 3 4 6 7 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4 5 4 5 3 4.

Tilt Skull(Gold)
Description: What was one resistance is now immunity.
Effect: Enemies' armor will work, meaning they gain protection from body parts that are covered by armor.
Level: Cortana
How to obtain: When you reach the big room with a lot of flood, kill them all. To the left, there will be a small purple structure you can jump on. Look up and to the left and you will see a ledge you can jump to. Jump to it and turn around to see another ledge above that you can also jump to. You must stay on the far right side of the ledge you are on, otherwise you will not make the jump. After you reach the top ledge, follow the beam and claim the skull.

Mythic Skull (Gold)
Description: Coverage under the Covenant Health Plan.
Effect: All enemies have twice as much health.
Level: Halo
How to obtain: When you begin the mission, hug the right wall and follow all the way until it leads you to the skull.

And that's it for now. I will try to answer any questions you may have, and feel free to add any information you think will help.

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8 years ago#5
GT: udiie --- MCR is the best!!
8 years ago#6
Please sticky this i hate all of the skull questions
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8 years ago#7
Very useful information though, thanks for posting.
8 years ago#8
I'll request a sticky for this, so hopefully it won't need to be tediously bumped every five minutes before it falls off the first page.
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8 years ago#9
yay maybe now the skull questions will cease to exist!!!!!!!!!
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8 years ago#10
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