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How old do you have to be to play halo?

#11ThatGuy221Posted 3/5/2008 9:52:37 AM
Depends on where you live.
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#12OWNA_REYPosted 3/5/2008 9:53:46 AM
yeah i wasnt allowed to buy i either the lady said i had to be 17+, my parents had to buy it for me =(
#13Dakito_DakiPosted 3/5/2008 10:15:36 AM
I say any age where you don't have to swear every other word to try and make your self sound tuff
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#14ByonchiPosted 3/5/2008 10:19:26 AM
I've been playing Halo since I was 9.
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#15fALConxxiiPosted 3/5/2008 10:22:09 AM

Halo Should be rated T in my opinion. Not much blood, great game! I started playing halowhen i was like 6

#16ElderMisanthropyPosted 3/5/2008 10:22:43 AM
Age to play is irrelevant.

Age to talk over XBL, however, is a different story.
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#17bibfortuna25Posted 3/5/2008 11:59:23 AM
You're not allowed to talk when playing Halo unless your voice has dropped. Those 6-year-olds with their squeaky voices are so annoying.

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#18Broken_scopePosted 3/5/2008 12:13:22 PM
In the united states, and to my knowledge most of the world, there are no laws stating how old you have to be to play the game.

In some countries you must be a certain age to buy the game.

In the united states there are no laws forcing retailers to enforce the ratings. They do it as a matter of corporate policy.

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#19kotech_xdocPosted 3/5/2008 12:15:05 PM
Maybe because some of the language (even though it's not that bad) and because of the dismemberment of the flood (even though it is not human, gore is gore.) So this is probably why it is rated M.
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#20DigiWinnerPosted 3/5/2008 12:24:38 PM
Halo Should be rated T in my opinion. Not much blood, great game! I started playing halowhen i was like 6

It came out six years ago, so you should be, like, 12, right?
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