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9 years ago#1
Is it possible to play this in a window? I can't seem to find any instruction on how to make this happen, or if it's even possible.
9 years ago#2
Yes, it''s possible but with a little hacking program.
If you're a fair player, don't hack the program
9 years ago#3
So what's the program?
9 years ago#4
An unfair player would modify the gameplay/profile he/she has, I see no unfairness in making Fable 'windowed mode'.
9 years ago#5
How the sick ******* hell does making the game run in windowed mode being unfair?
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Contributor Name: ZhangKhaiEn
9 years ago#6
Was that question aimed at my post? If so, I urge you to re-read it.
9 years ago#7
it was obviously not.
Game list as of 01/11/07:
Contributor Name: ZhangKhaiEn
8 years ago#8
I know this is old but
No windowed then? O.o
(HOW THE ~~~~ could run windowed mode hack the game? Damn nooblets)

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