how do you get the Solus Greatsword from my wife Lady Grey?

#1JennetLPosted 12/1/2009 5:43:32 PM
I know I have to treat her well and give her lots of present. But is it a particular expression/present/number of retire to bed ^_< that will trigger the Solus Greatsword?
#2JC_PhoenixPosted 12/1/2009 9:08:19 PM
Your wives by you gifts from the merchants in your area. The gift can be anything from a carrot to a master weapon.

In the Case of Lady Grey she lives in the area where the Solus sword is sold so The chances of her giving you the Solus is one in.... however many items the merchant has. So let's say..... 1 in 100. You can increase those odds by buying everything else the merchant has and then hoping that she is happy enough to give you a gift soon, but there is NO FREAKING POINT TO THAT! You are better off just buying it yourself! especially given how wonky Lady Grey's wife AI is.
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#3Hairy SniperPosted 12/3/2009 2:23:16 AM
I was told that the solus greatsword that she gives you is one without any argument.

anyway, i beat the game with the mighty Avo's Tears.
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#4ehow22Posted 12/14/2009 6:37:53 PM
I normally just buy's not that hard to get enough gold for it. All you need is a decent guile and some gems.

I think the Solus Greatsword is physically stronger than Avo's Tear, but I prefer the augmentations for Avo's tear.

Or just get the Frying Pan and customize it.