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StickyHelpful Tips You May Not Know (Sticky)
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tolerdesigns14211/9 6:25PM
Is there anyway to play my copy of spore if my brother registered it?Joker9817/2 7:04PM
Spore lag fix (Archived)WatchDoge14/23 6:00PM
Nobody gonna see this huh? (Archived)MrSunbro83/17 9:13AM
Galactic Adventures? Just started playing again (Archived)necronium13/12 5:21PM
Archetype/Superpower Help? (Archived)deadchefbill212/4 7:26AM
just picked this game up today (Archived)Dawn_Lurker612/4 7:24AM
Spore (Archived)SporeProfession110/6 1:24AM
What happens if all your cities are taken over in Civilization Phase ? (Archived)Denterroquet37/11 1:29PM
trying to redownload this game (Archived)henomei27/1/2014
Is this game just pointless grinding? (Archived)Maldor26/14/2014
$5 on Steam (Archived)theend40446/6/2014
Can't connect to license server. (Archived)GhostRepoz25/12/2014
Cargo Space Mod? (Archived)EB6414/14/2014
Any really good humans that don't use overpriced Cute Creepy expansion? (Archived)JepMZ13/25/2014
Is sporepedia down? (Archived)Wygun48/6/2013
Why does every other jackhole think they need to upload a max stats creature? (Archived)GodSpark12718/1/2013
Just FYI, don't save the game inside your nest as a Creature (Archived)GodSpark12717/24/2013
So I was in the mood to play spore but (Archived)Ogurisama27/1/2013
the community for the custom maps and stuff isnt as active anymore =( (Archived)supermegablox27/1/2013
Screw Spore (Archived)Carpet_Head56/23/2013
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