Alert: error 1002

#1KitsuneFighter1Posted 7/3/2008 7:36:33 AM
I installed SCC and Direct X but whenever I double click The spore icon i get\

"The Graphics Device could not be created. Direct X is unavailible.[1002]"
Can someone help me?
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#2MrKartPosted 7/3/2008 10:03:49 AM

You may be getting the same error I got when I first tried to install the CC.

I have Windows Vista, so everything I did relates to that. Went into Start -> Search. Typed in Problem Reports, then clicked the shortcut to Problem Reports and Solutions. You can also find this option in the control panel. View the list that says "Information about other problems," and find the problem that you encountered. You should automatically be given a way to fix it.

For me, the problem was Error 1002: Intel Graphics Driver. I clicked on the solution, and it gave me the Toshiba URL that allowed me to download a graphics driver patch that was released not too long ago. Your problem may be that the Direct X you downloaded is not the latest version, or perhaps it could be Direct X trying to initiate the Java component, of which may also not be the latest version. But check for a solution in that area.