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8 years ago#1

Drop this into your data directory (the one with Spore_Game.package, etc) in your Spore installation directory.

It disables symmetry for all editors that have it enabled.

Due to symmetry being off, complexity limits are roughly doubled (two arms means two arms now, instead of where they would be counted as a pair in symmetry).
Rick, durrr
8 years ago#2
Awesome, now if only there was a way to make it a toggle while in the creator.|2265695610
8 years ago#3
That might be possible when the format of the user interface files is understood, but until then, it isn't.
Rick, durrr
8 years ago#4
Will parts snap into place when aligned with other parts (like in the building editor) with symmetry off in the creature creator? Because I can live with that.|2265695610
8 years ago#5
Would it still count as 1 if we placed the Asymmetry parts then removed the mods?
8 years ago#6
Evan_Arrrr - No, unfortunately.
kalmana001 - It might, I havn't tested that.
Rick, durrr
8 years ago#7
Real important questions before I use it.
1. Will it affect my saved games?

2. Can I disable this mod when I remove it.... I don't want to screw my game complexity up...
if I can't remove it?

3. Can you put more information please on what it does and the after affects of using it.
Spore Anime Creatures!
8 years ago#8
1. No, it only affects the editors.
2. Yes, delete asymmetryhack.package and it will be gone.
3. All it does is disable symmetry in the editors (you know, the bit where if a part is on one side, it is mirrored on the other side).
Rick, durrr
8 years ago#9
Ok, TC. I'll let you know if the complexity changes after i remove the mod and add something else...With any luck It will go back to normal...

>_> And if that doesn't work maybe turning the "Freedom" cheat on and adding a bunch of useless stuff. Turning it off, then removeing the stuff will do anything...
8 years ago#10

Though a fair warning: some bits do not work well without symmetry, eyes in particular.
|(enobi: don't tell me these things.
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