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Tribal Stage: If you get your chieftain to set a trap (to get trap get carnivore in cell stage) near an Epic, the epic will somtimes go to the trap and then eventually the trap will kill it one shot and a dead epic means lots of food for the tribe.

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i've read in the faq section that you could actually befriend an epic in the creature stage, is this true? and if it is, how can i do it?
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Hi I was wondering if its possible in the creature creator to make the body thicker. Like when I expand the spine, the body becomes the width of the spine and its really small.
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Excuse me,do u know when u first do the 2nd mission and they tell u to go back to the home planet,wad do u press,how do u go back to the home planet?
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... I FOUND A CARROT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I already knew all of these
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Space Stage:
-You can use the Spacebar to fly upwards, and the X key to fly downwards. I find this easier for entering/exiting a planet or solar system than constantly scrolling.

-If you use Missles a lot, one good tactic is to just fly backwards while shooting. They should fly right into your missles, and you fly out of their range.

-Never buy anything from your people. Almost always is there a nearby race that will sell what you need for much less.
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If you're a Military civi and there's an epic near the city,then instead of attacking the city via the town hall,which will cause the epic to get angry and destroy buildings on the other side.That,for whatever reason,causes the Epic to join on your little crusade of destruction,and once finished,will no longer be mad at your race.Sometimes,if you're on the same continent,the creature will continue to help your raid of dectruction,occasionally even destroying an enemy spice guyser.

However,do NOT fire on an epic,as they will OHKO anything that so much as shoots a peashooter at it.

the brown empire is easy to ally,the Pink empier will demand money if befriended but not allied,the Green nation ironically has discounted items,Red nation is programmed to go to war with Green.If you so much as touch a ship,all phasers set to destroy you,

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One for space

In the grox empire if you r a zealot you can use it on the closer groxplanets and you get all the buildings! Just don't sell them thou.

If your not zealot you can cheat unless you don't like the joker bage

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