Better Spore isn't working anymore.

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7 years ago#1
I installed Galactic Adventures a long time ago and I can't force save anymore. I went to the site and they haven't updated Better Spore in over a year. WTF?
7 years ago#2
"NOTE: BetterSpore 1.5.1 was made for Spore Patch 1.3 with no GA. If you install it on Galactic Adventures or a more recent patch (or older) then any problems are at your own risk as it was not made for those versions."

Right what it says on the site. Also:

5. Force Save

- The Force Save application is found in the force save folder.

- While running spore, load up Spore Editor.

- When in the creature editor, make sure you have a completed creature, then go to the "options" tab in
Spore Editor and make sure that "Force Save" (Option 3) is on. MAKE SURE YOUR CREATURE IS NAMED.

- You should now be able to save your creature.

Note: If it still doesn't work, try un-applying the hack (by using the "unhack" button), and then making sure
the "Force Save" option is on, then try again."

7 years ago#3
I already did that. I even tried moving the files to C/Programs/Electronic Arts/Spore/EP1/Data like it says on the site. That didn't work either. And what the hell is "RTFM"? Read the ****ing manual? Your rudeness is unwarranted and your post isn't helpful. Galactic Adventures is over a year old now. Better Spore should have been updated to work with it, so don't give me attitude.
7 years ago#4
The only one I see with attitude here is you. Better Spore was created by one person and he's got a busy life, on top of which he also lost his work drive with the mod on it. Not really my problem if you refuse to believe that you will not be playing it with GA. Some better advice? Grow up. The world was not designed to cater to you.
7 years ago#5
Actually, you're the one with the attitude. Why do you assume, incorrectly, that I think the world caters to me, just because I didn't know it was made by one person, and I thought that a year after Galactic Adventures came out, Better Spore would probably be updated to be compatible? How old are you? Still going through your 14 year old trolling phase?
7 years ago#6
I'm twenty-one, thanks for asking. Run along now and take a bath in your tears, considering that's about the only constructive thing you can do now. Your embarrassment is understandable, but your ignorance is inexcusable. Why you continue to dance around this topic like as if in the grand scheme of things you or I will even remember it within a week is beyond me. Don't you have a life you should be trying to live?
7 years ago#7
ITT; Two people arguing badly for no reason whatsoever.
Pitlord is not crap! >_>
Yes. I know I go >_> alot.
7 years ago#8
And what we needed was a third troll too.
7 years ago#9
It managed to shut the pair of you up, so my job is done _
Pitlord is not crap! >_>
Yes. I know I go >_> alot.
7 years ago#10
Yes, trolling is over, last word in, run along now as well.
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