Screw Spore

#1Carpet_HeadPosted 6/9/2013 5:31:37 PM
I waited for it for almost four years and it was trash. Good riddance.
TC has alzheimer.
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#2tommytcphPosted 6/12/2013 11:56:10 AM
This is 2013. Spore came out in 2008. wth?
#3AtumReignPosted 6/18/2013 2:05:51 PM
I just recently started playing Spore again so I figured I'd come see what the boards are saying...if anything. It's funny that the first thing I see is something trashing the game lol.

It was absolutely not what everyone was lead to expect. But trash? not hardly. Too ambishous to deliver what they were going for sure. But not trash. It's a genuinely fun game and quite vast in scope IF and that's a giant IF you forget what it was supposed to be. On its own merits without giving thought to how it was supposed to be it stands up quite well on its own.

Any way I also started trying to mod it to be more suitable to my tastes but just about everyone who was either making mods or helping other people make mods isn't around anymore. Anyone know of any active people I could ask some questions to?
#4Carpet_Head(Topic Creator)Posted 6/18/2013 3:37:08 PM
TC has alzheimer.
Just one alzheimer?
#5VoxwikPosted 6/23/2013 12:11:26 AM(edited)
Not trash, but I played it years ago on my nephew's copy and recently bought it for myself on Steam, transferring my saved game file.

I immediately remembered why I stopped. You can't "build a Federation" like it was said in the hype prior to release. I love the game, but "Space Nanny Stage" could have been so much better. Religious and aggressive empires will always go to war or demand absurd amounts of money, and allies are never anything more than close friends. You are the galaxy's only space nanny, and building a huge network of allies doesn't change that. It should evolve to the point where you don't have to personally manage every single problem in person on your ship, but it doesn't. That makes expanding my empire of 1/3 of a galactic arm pointless. At the very least it's silly that matters in the heart of your alliance territories still require your personal attention. Yeah you can buy turrets and whatnot but it's still the Space Nanny Stage when it comes down to it. I would have liked an expanded stage for space where managing your empire/alliance is a feature that evolves beyond what is there in the final game.

I'll log into my file now and then and expand a few more planets for fun, or maybe start another file from the beginning, but the game did not live up to its hype. I don't dislike it though.