Why does every other jackhole think they need to upload a max stats creature?

#1GodSpark127Posted 8/1/2013 1:44:56 AM
Seriously, I'm getting so tired of seeing generic looking creatures with random s*** stuck in random spots just so their stats are high. Newsflash, people don't download creatures for stats, they download them for looks. So when people see your fat duck-monkey with horns and spikes sticking out of everywhere with no rhyme or reason, and they see someone else's nice looking but less powerful duck-monkey, odds are they will pick the other person's.

Especially when, during the creature phase, creatures with higher stats won't even show up until your damn near done with the stage. So having a bunch of max stats creatures is pretty much pointless.

So, next time you think about attaching the spur wheel to your creatures basic flabby knees (because knee spurs look soooo cool right?) stop and actually look at what you are making. Then scrap that idea and make something that doesn't look like garbage.
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