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User Info: theend404

2 years ago#1
Just a heads up Spore is $5 on Steam today 6/05/14. I played on release and it didn't take too long to be disappointed given the hype. But hey we'll see how it's held up and what kind of enjoyment I can get out of it 5 years later.

User Info: Pepys Monster

Pepys Monster
2 years ago#2
Thanks, I just got the complete pack for $12.49.
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User Info: havean776

2 years ago#3
Thanks for the information!

User Info: Antsh

2 years ago#4
Picked this up... haven't touched it since it came out.

Seeing a weird visual glitch in the creature stage, though. Similar to a glitch in Skyrim where a piece of a model would be stretched a large distance causing the texture to become huge and distorted.

No clue...
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