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Subtle details (Archived)DarkShieldwham22/20/2014
i wonder if they will change the morrigan sprites in this HD remake... (Archived)Panzerdrako110/17/2012
Morrigan and Felicia are two of the hottest video game babes of all time. (Archived)Axel_Flamer11/31/2011
Topic Ressurection: EX Options FAQ! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
How does Vampire Savior in this collection compare to the Saturn port? (Archived)Gamefreak287618/11/2010
And without further ado: The Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection FAQ (Archived)HelgenX17/17/2010
How do you get the secret characters and the secret versions? (Archived)Supra57416/1/2010
What are the names of Dees moves? (Archived)DrNoGood0911/9/2010
would this work on a US ps2? (Archived)Solid_Lancelot19/14/2009
Saturn controller adaptors - sweet and cheap! (Archived)mechagoukuma18/13/2009
English option??? (Archived)ninjanickx17/17/2009
Whats this Gallong EXsuper? (Archived)unnamedFer15/8/2009
There used to be an FAQ concerning the EX Options... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
Seiichi Omori564/13/2009
Sign Petition to have this game released (Archived)Sparda301154/13/2009
What is this Anakaris move? (Archived)PLUTO4474/9/2009
CapCore version not working (Archived)mist_core23/7/2009
quick question (Archived)thepenguin5562/18/2009
And they didn't release this in North America ... WHY?! (Archived)Old_Schooler_Dan77/5/2008
Best Display (Archived)flymike15/10/2008
Anyone else have wierd vampire savior 2 problems? (Archived)Genisgenius24/17/2008
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