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10 years ago#1

Revised and Created: 11/24/2005

***Note to Gamefaqs Administrators/To whom it may concern: The purpose of this topic is to provide information for those who have or have not experienced this Soul Calibur 3 file corruption, and would like answers as to how to avoid or lessen the chances of being affected of this file corruption issue. This information would be a way to minimize any further topics or questions asked regarding the file corruption matter. I have decided to compile all the information provided in another topic for which Umbra_Militis, others, and myself had provided and realized that perhaps we need to place all information/past experiences into one FAQ. Also, I will mention the names of those who I referenced, and give credit where credit is due. Please allow this topic to be stickied for future reference.

Report(As of 11/24/05): Now we all know that the SC3 file corruption has occured in the U.S. version. There have been reports of file corruption in the Japanese version, and quite possibly, the Asian version of SC3 as well. No word, yet, on the PAL version. If so, please post whenever possible.

mao2 wrote:


"The Japanese version apparently has this bug as well. :/"

kried wrote:


"According to a Chinese Gaming site ( EMU-ZONE)
There exist a fatal bug that was discovered in Japanese version only for now. But it also happen in my English edition, so i suppose that this is a universal bug.

The detail is still unknown. All known is if you do some act (as ordinary as you would do, such as save, load, change setting, choose game mode to play)

More worse is, it seemed idiopathic, the most case is you accidentally find the record is broken.

I have encounter this in Chronicle mode.

The worst is the damned NAMCO stay silent!!"


1. File Corruption Case 1: Deleting other game files off of your memory card

An absolute big ,"THANK YOU!!!", goes to Umbra_Militis for a very observant find on one of the causes of file corruption. Please read on what this person's experience was.

Message topic: "Corrupt Data Mystery Solved (Sort Of)"
Message Topic Creator: Umbra_Militis
Topic Date Created: 11/12/2005 10:33:03 A.M.

"Well, it turns out that deleting data (not related to SC3) off of your memory card can actually cause CotS the become corrupted. I don't know why, but it does.

I played CotS without out any problems at all up the New game plus chronical 6.
I had Auto-save on the entire time.
I was soft resetting alot (not while loading or saving).

Then one day I checked to see how much memory i had on my memory card. About 1100+ remaining. So i deleted my DOA2 video recordings. Then i decided to play CotS again even though i had beaten it. And then guess what... CORRUPT DATA.

When i went to school the next day i told my friend about it and the same thing happened to him in his game immediately after deleting data off the memory card.

Now im not saying this is the only reason for corrupt data. That's why i said (sort of) at the Topic Title, but this is almost guaranteed to happen.

please note that i didn't use the money glitch cheat."

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10 years ago#2
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I would say about 35-40% of those experiencing this problem had to do with deleting files in their memory card. It may vary though...either file corruption when deleting other game files in order to make room for your SC3 file, or deleting game files with SC3 arlready in your memory card.

2. File Corruption Case 2: CoTS(Chronicles of the Sword) Mode

I would say about 35-40% of those experiencing this problem had to do with playing CoTS mode. This is a random incident where any chronicle stage involving file corruption can occur. The thing I'm trying to figure out...does everyone save their progress in Cots mode, or exit the Cots title screen and save their progress using the other save options elsewhere (i.e. Option Mode)? Perhaps where you save can actually determine the chances of getting a CoTS file corruption.

3. Other File Corruption Cases:

As for the remaining 30%, it may have to do with setting AutoSave:"ON", doing soft reset(start+select) especially in CoTS mode, or some other random occurence.


1. Turn AutoSave: "OFF" may not happen to you now, but what makes you think it won't happen later on? There were reports of file corruption issues with AutoSave involving previous Namco titles: Soul Calibur 2, Tekken 5, and perhaps others.

2. Never Soft Reset(Start+Select), especially during CoTS Mode.

3. Someone mentioned that if you got the file corruption message, take out your PS2 memory card and put it back into the PS2 memory card slot. AND PLEASE, DON'T DO IT WHILE THE PS2 IS LOADING OR SAVING THE MEMORY CARD....just so you know.

Or maybe, you can:

1. take out your corrupted memory card during the file corrupt message.
2. plug in a different memory card and see if that works...testing this theory out. It might work if your back up memory card has an SC3 file, but then you'll need another back up memory card and SC3 file if it doesn't work or gets corrupted as well.

Check out how a couple of people have tried something like this:

nisk72 wrote:


"the fix from the Undertaker

you will need 2 memory cards. one without any sc3 data on it(clean), and one with the corrupt data(corrupt).
-Remove the corrupt memory card and put in the clean one.
-Turn on your ps2.
-Start a new CotS game, go through the tutorial and die(fastest way to get to save).
-Save to the clean memory card.
-Exit to the SC3 title screen.
-Remove the clean memory card and put in the corrupt one.
-Goto Options and load your SC3 data.
-Remove the corrupt memory card and put in the clean one.
-Go back to CotS, load your game, die and save again.
-Your done."

Mr_Marik wrote:


"When trying to save CotS data onto MC1 (memory card 1), it got corrupted. But I think I managed to solve it.

Using my Datel (?) 16MB Memory Card in slot 2 (I switched them), I was able to save the CotS data. I then copied the save on MC2 to overwrite the save on MC1.

Now, when I loaded the CotS data from MC1, there was no problem. Hopefully there should be no problem saving."

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4. If you got that file corruption message, see if you can press "RESET" on your PS2 to reboot. Try it out during that file corruption message.

5. There were some cases where only the CoTs mode files were corrupted. If that's the case, you can delete the Cots save file. You don't necessary have to delete the whole SC3 file.

6. Maybe the older the memory card, the more likely chance of getting a file corruption (Work In Progress):

Check the back bottom left of your memory card(the back sticker), and find out the serial number. This number is an indication of how old your memory card is. Here are a couple of numbers from some people who have an older version PS2 memory card and had this SC3 file corruption:

02-04 3-066-504-01(12)

03-01 3-966-459-03(13)

And here are a couple who have a newer version memory card that haven't experience that problem yet:

04-02 3-966-459-03(39)


My guess is, the first two digits of the serial number represents either the year it was made or the version number. I'm assuming that any PS2 memory card with the first two digits less than 04 is more likely to have that SC3 file corruption. Still, I'm trying to gather info from those who did or did not get the file corruption. If you did or did not get the file corruption on your memory card, please post your serial numbers so I can determine if older memory cards have to do with chances of file corruption.

NOTE: Memory cards will have either a 4 digit or 15 digit number on the back bottom left(back sticker) of your memory card...whether is U.S. or Japanese version. Don't know about the European version though...

I remember hearing back then that Japan was experiencing problems with the first generation batch of PS2 memory cards. There was a game Ridge Racer V and a couple other titles where the files were corrupted and you COULD NOT delete them from the PS2 browser. After which, Sony released a new batch of memory cards. It seems we are experiencing that somewhat similiar, "De Jevu" effect in the U.S.

7. Possible Alternative Solution:

There is a way to reformat your memory card, because maybe your game files like SC3 are broken up inside the memory card...I'll explain what I mean later. But first, my friend used codebreaker where it gives you that option to reformat your memory card...and I think some Gamesharks or ARMAX offer it as well...don't know. Well, it turned out while he copied all his saves, including SC3, there was one other game file that he could not copy nor delete....corrupted. After reformating his memory card, so far his SC3 file is working good.

To go into more technical aspects, I think the game files in your memory card may have what I'll call, "Broken Blocks of Memory", "Broken Bytes", or "Broken File Clusters"....someone did talk about on this message board. And I think it's even worse if the game file uses alot of "bytes" like SC3 (300K). So, if you delete certain files in the game at the browser, you'll notice that your other game files will move in a direction (visually). During that time, these files will have to be redirected, and certain parts of any game file will be broken up. Just think of it in a PC sense.

So by reformatting, your memory card may become more stable. It maybe a good idea, especially if you have only one memory card, and even an older memory card, and you've been doing alot of saving, copying, or deleting of files. And it's also a good reason to buy another memory card, so you can copy all your files onto it and then do the reformat process with the other memory card. Too bad you can't defragment your memory card.

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