Vote if you want King Of Fighters 2k2UM.

#1SolInstallPosted 10/19/2010 12:04:57 PM
"PS3 KOF2k2UM - You want it? I could tell SNK to make this, but they would only be interested if there's a lot of ppl who want it!"

That is the tittle of the poll currently running in King of Fighter's biggest fan site Orochinagi.

If you are interested, please vote and click "I'd pre-order it"

The game was released on Xbox live but PS3 owners got left dry.

If you are interested in a Kof2K2UM, please help by voting!

Link ->

The poll is right under the flash game "Sky Stage"


(I'm pretty sure every KoF fan has been waiting for this since 2002.....)