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6 years ago#1
Hello, I just got this game a few days ago since I used to have tons of fun with it a long time ago on ps2. I am trying to install the 1.3 patch, but whenever I try to run the batch file for the menu it says "Safety check failed:Battlefront II.exe does not exist". It is installed in the correct directory, I made sure of that. I am running 64 bit windows 7 if that makes a difference. Anyway, if anyone knows how to resolve this issue, please help.
6 years ago#2
I've got no idea, i'm still running 1.1
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6 years ago#3
The 1.3 patch is the "unofficial" patch, as it is not made by the developers. It allows the game to run mods, and fixes some things. I also bought the game via steam if that makes any difference.
6 years ago#4
Ok I figured it out. In case anyone else runs into this problem, you need to put everything in the steamapps/common folder where the game is and not where it tells you to put it, despite the fact that where it tells you to put it does have game files and looks fine. I looked all over and could not find any help on this issue, but I did not expect much for such an old game. If anyone runs into this problem, I hope this helps.
6 years ago#5
Ok, thanks mate.
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