Hellgate London vs. Hellgate Global/Tokyo - A brief list of important notes.

#1MarikhenPosted 11/26/2011 1:51:05 AM
The intent of this post is to help players figure out the difference between Hellgate London and Hellgate Global/Tokyo and whether they should post on this board or the other one. Bear in mind, however, that this board is much more active than the other one so posting here might get you faster answers even if it's for the "wrong" game.

Hellgate London, the game this board is for, is currently a single-player only title released by now defunct Flagship Studios.

Hellgate, a.k.a. Hellgate Global and Hellgate Tokyo, is an F2P "MMO" from Hanbitsoft who bought the rights to the Hellgate franchise. The game you will play is an English port of the Korean port of the original English game with some heavy modifications in several aspects. As a result there is a significant amount of Engrish in the game, several characters have had model/skin changes, a cash shop was implemented, and there were several new mechanics added. Due to all of the changes, and the fact that it's a port of a port, using your old Hellgate installation for Global/Tokyo is likely not possible. However your old configuration files will carry over to the "new" Hellgate. Nothing else will.

If you wish to discuss the original Hellgate London, any multi-player mods that may be in development for it (yeah, right), or single-player mods like Hellgate Revival and Lost London IV this is the right board.

If you wish to discuss the currently active multi-player/MMO Hellgate you should go to http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/631215-hellgate .
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