Need for Speed Most Wanted Graphics Settigns

#1xshadowxerox4Posted 9/1/2010 2:47:37 PM

Hey everyone. I have recently purchased a dell studio 1558 with:
1gb Radeon HD ATI 5470
i5 m450 2.40 GHz
I have installed need for speed most wanted and would like to know what settings I should put in the in-game video settings:
Full Screen Anti-Aliasing
Texture Filtering
Detail: World Level, Road Reflection Shadow, Car Geometry
Car Reflection Update Rate
Also, what should I put for the ATI Catalyst control center (the graphics card control panel i think) under 3D (optimal quality or balanced) and the other settings. I dont want to stress out the laptop too much because its a college laptop
I think you guys in advance because I am the epitome of a noob in terms of PC Gaming. This is my first laptop and game and I'd like to take some advice.
Thanks again! =)

#2lolaqaPosted 9/7/2010 3:45:28 AM
Max everything except AA(Anti-Aliasing)