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6 years ago#1
I was looking for a modern racer and this one seemed to fit the bill and it has an actual story! I got the UK version though so I hope the patches and stuff work with it the same as the US version. Just wanted to share, a need for speed! Hehe
Have a good one.
6 years ago#2
Its a great racing game, just finished it this week. Here's a hint for you in case you go crazy, the better your cars is, the better the computer gets. I finished the game with the chevy cobalt ss, not even fully updated. For time trials or radar pictures, get a fast car. For police chases, the lamborgini was a great help, all well taction help's to accelerate when blocked off and good for blockade raming.

Have fun.
6 years ago#3
Hey thanks for the post. I doubt I will get crazy while playing the game, usually I get crazy trying to set up games on my PC though! I'm using a dual core and I've heard that this game doesn't like the dual core processors so I'll have to mess with that before I even get to play. Apparently there's a program out there that will force the game to run on one processor automatically instead of having to set it manually everytime I boot up the game. Would you happen to have run this on a dual or quad core by any chance? I'd appreciate some tips on how to use this program as the tweak guide for this game wasn't to clear on how to use it. I suppose I could just always set it manually each time I boot up the game but that gets old after a while.
Have a good one.

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